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A fresh start (Thank you all of you that helped me two weeks ago)

Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped me out on here 2 weeks ago when I posted about how down I was with everything. Your messages really helped me.

I went to visit my GP for a chat about my weight and lack of weight loss as well as a general health check up for weight related conditions. She has referred me to a community weight loss team whom I am going to attend weekly sessions with for 3 months, starting this week. My first day is Wednesday so a bit nervous/excited!

I've made myself an ultimatum. I've been going on half heartedly with weight loss for far too long (approx 10 years) without success and enough is enough. I am putting everything I've got into the next three months and treating this as my last chance to try and do it by myself. If I do manage to lose weight then great, and I will carry on. If it doesn't work then I have two options. Either I accept I'm not going to lose weight and focus on maintenance / general health or I give in and accept my endocrinologists suggestion of a gastric band surgery. I can't keep going round in circles like I have been because it's bad for my mental state.

Thank you for all of your support. I'm probably going to avoid the challenges and Monday weigh ins on here for a while as I just find them stressful to keep up with and then end up stress eating (the irony).

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I am so pleased, Natz and I am sure you will succeed. The community weight loss clinic sounds like a great idea and I am sure the support will be very helpful.

I know you don't want to do the challenges etc, but it would be lovely if you could pop back and let us know how you are getting on.

Wishing you a really successful weight loss journey! :) :)


Good luck with your weight loss journey, I don't know the answer to your weight loss dilemma,I lost alot of weight years ago, but now at 48 have put it back on plus extra weighing in at 17 stone myself.Your group sounds ideal,I have been bouncing around several slimming clubs the last few years and always found excuse why not to go back and it's costing me financially and mentally, so all I can say is you can do it but find a way to keep it off for life while still having a life xx


I am pleased you have somewhere for support to join and hope you manage to lose weight at your own pace.

Stick around and let us know how you're doing and good luck on Wednesday.

Best wishes Bev


Hello it sound like the same weight lose am doing am on Trafford life style change it's really good but I do still read and chat on here I feel it helps the more help you can get the better

All the best Kim xx


Thats fantastic. Well done! Im sure itll work well for you, you sound like youre very dedicated.

All the best, ofcourse avoid the weigh ins on here if it stresses you, but also let us know how it goes, if you want to.



Glad to hear you are feeling better 😊 I totally agree that we should focus on other indicators of success such as eating proper meals, exercise, fluid intake etc as well as the numbers on the scales , these are all important 😊

Very best wishes 😊


Well done for visiting GP for general check up and pleased that you were referred to the community weight loss team. Hang on in there!


Good luck with your journey ☘️


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