Weight gain and loss

Last monday put on 1 lb in weight.This week taken around a pound off in weight.So not much change.Today I decided to actually go to the gym for the first time..I booked for personnel trainer to see what equipment for me to tone up..Ive got to say after getting my self worried about going , it wasnt that bad after all..I actually enjoyed it..so ive booked for next week now..im hoping to lose more weight..


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8 Replies

  • Well done for going , I've always found the gym friendly and you feel great after a good work out :-)

  • Well done! 👍

  • I took on a personal trainer because I had a tendency to put my back out and wanted to learn how to use the equipment properly. I have not only lost 2 stone in 3 months but I feel fit, toned, I've learnt about mobility and flexibility and have so much more awareness of my body. I've also completely changed my eating habits and dont actually want to eat food that isn't good for me any more. It's a whole new lease of life. I know it's expensive and for that reason I've never posted about it because it's not an option for everybody and I have never been able to afford it before my children left home but it's been totally worth every penny. It's a real motivator having someone else looking out for your fitness. Good luck!!

  • I too have just started seeing a PT. expensive yes but if it gets me the results I want it will be worth it

  • Hope you are doing well ..good luck

  • Well done in losing 2 stone..

  • Thank you! I still can't believe it but it's so good to feel fit .All the best, keep positive and you'll do it!

  • That great behappynow 😊 My daughter goes to a gym and loves it 😊 Good luck 😊

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