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Bad week

Hi Everyone,

What a week.

Came home after a nice weekend with my brother and family to find a house in a mess and washing basket overflowing daughter 32 and my dog only went Friday came home Sunday morning.

Thursday was so busy only had time to eat rubbish.

Friday/Saturday soent hours trying to find a pair of nude or grey coloured shoes for a wedding being a size 3 horrid. Primark, shoezone, shoe supermarket, marks, new look, next, debenhams even topshop not a one. Order online pay for 2 pairs incase one pair did not fit and delivery cost which is unfair. So stress levels hit the roof and further. Only ate rubbish so my stomach was playing up.

Yesterday went to my sister in laws 18month old great niece was playing up all day so only managed teacake for lunch.

Missed 3 days of gym.

If I have lost even an inch never mind an ounce of weight I will be amazed.

Not letting stress get to me like this week, crazy how the smallest of things at times can get you.

Hope everyone had a better week

Good luck


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Hi Wendy,

I know what you mean, some weeks just go like that! I don't feel like I can hold onto anything this last week or so. In one ear and out the other! :P

Hopefully once the dust settles you be able to get yourself back on track and moving forwards. Good luck to us! :)


How about always take fruit with you so you always have healthy snacks? Fruit is the most convenient food you can eat, you don't have to eat rubbish. Fruit is ready when you are, no need to open a pack, cut it up or heat it. That might be something you can do for when you're really busy or stressed. Hope this helps!


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