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From healthy to unhealthy weight and back!

From healthy to unhealthy weight and back!

Today I am inspired by the theme proposed for the weight in, as I have written there, I was thinking about this the other day:

"I am only visualizing the period of time in which I started to try to lose weight. Looking a bit more at the bigger picture I realized how slowly this all came together. I was around 68/70 Kilos in my twenties. Once I stopped running and started university, doctorate, work family, kids... I started gaining weight. But it was only after 14 years that I realized I was 96 kilos. This is an increase in a huge 26/28 kilos, which is on average only around 1 hg. (100 grams) per month!!!!!


I have actually put down some data in an excel file and simulated a gain of 0.1 per month for 14 years, with some changes to reflect some facts in my life: I recall that in September 2008 I was around 82 Kilos (wedding) and then went back and I know there were periods of time in which I did not gain and others in which I gained a lot!). This is supposed to be a model on which one can think about what we are actually doing here!!!

The simulated data show that, even if one week I was stable and the other I gained 0.5 hg, I got an overall gain of 26 kilos. Moral is that we all aim to lose around 0.5/1 kilos per week, without realizing (at least me) that we are actually aiming for so much more that what we did to gain!!!

The last part shows my decrease (better visualized in the other post). As you know last week I gained 1.5 kilos...we are probably horrified by such a gain, but in the overall run I cannot even see it! I will need to stay stable somewhere and maintain that weight to be able to see changes in the long run :)

Hope this can help with some of our negative moments :)

have a nice week!

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Yes the weight does creep on slowly and I guess at the first sign of an increase we should take action then.

Of course we don't and then it just increases more.

We cannot live in regret thinking if only....

I guess the moral for all of us is take action and stick to it, no matter how hard it seems.

We all love food but is it all healthy and what portion size do we have, how many snacks etc

So it may creep on us slowly or sometimes it can be quick, but we can rid ourselves of those excess pounds....we just have to want to😃


Hi Marco,

I think this really great graph/visual depiction will definitely help to inspire people.

Wishing you an excellent week!

Lowcal :-)


Hi Marco :)

Cool graph and very inspiring, thank you. :)


Yes, it creeps on so insidiously that we barely notice. We buy larger clothes thinking our old ones have shrunk or that the shops are under-sizing and then before we know it, we have a problem, Houston!

It is good to see how well your weight has gone down, you are nearly at your wedding weight :)

Keep up the good work, you are doing very well indeed!


Thank you for backing up my theme with "scientific data" Marco! This post is fantastic! It just goes to show how warped our judgement becomes, when we start to focus on a number on a scale! You are a genius! :)

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