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It's a start!

Well I joined the Winter Solstice this week... (sneaky peak on scales..) I have lost 4 lbs already. Realise this is just water but happy cos I've been really good!

I have also been brave too.. I was on C25K forum and saw that there was a running group nearby AND made it there tonight (and survived!)

It's amazing how much better in myself I feel by just achieving this so far.


Good luck to everyone else!

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You are really brave am going to wait till Monday but staying below 1400 every day so fingers crossed Kim xx

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Hi Kim,

It's taken me a while to do this again - I started it and got to w4 a year ago but life got in the way. I have realised I just have to grit my teeth and do it!

We can check each others progress and cheer each other on!

Good luck!



Well done ☺


Thanks Trulyplumptious!


That's great news! And Very Well done on being brave enough to go to new running club! 😊😊😊


Thank you Anna61!

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