Progress at Last

At last! some progress. At first I lost nothing, although, oddly, I'd noticed my clothes felt a bit looser. But 25 days on, I have now lost 5lb.

I've done a lot more exercise, like one and a half and two hour walks daily, and have been to the gym twice in that 25 days and played badminton once a week. Yes, put in black and white like that I can see I should go to the gym more often! But, I do what I can do!

It has helped me to 'think thin' , to visualise myself as I used to be, and how that used to feel, and I find that very motivating. I also find it helpful to plan what I'm going to eat each day. Also I'm trying to be more mindful about what I eat, and still little or no alcohol. Have had a total of just 5 glasses of wine in - well ages; so long I don't even know for sure when I started cutting it out - probably at least three months now. So - now down to 13st 1lb.

I'm hoping that I will now continue to steadily lose weight.


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6 Replies

  • Well done on losing those 5lbs...forget the length of time it took you; we're all different and the important thing to take from this is you've made healthier food and lifestyle choices that will put you in good stead. Plus, the lighter we get it does become harder to lose weight. You'll be in the 12 stone region soon, hopefully, and I know you'll love that. I can't wait, I am so near to that myself and it's a brilliant feeling knowing you're in a whole different stone category! I look at them as milestones on the road to my ultimate goal. :)

    Good luck. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • I wish you all the best ! xx

  • Well done! That's an excellent rate to lose weight, 😊 And even better that your clothes are feeling looser 😊 Good luck in your journey 😊

  • Thank you ! xxx

  • Well done ☺

  • woo hoo! you will soon be in the 12's, pleased it's started working for you, well done!

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