Sunny Sunday!

Well, it rained yesterday so I was happy to see the sun again today! I went for an invigorating swim with my daughter after a hearty breakfast of 3 weetabix, for energy. I tried to use the scales at the leisure centre, but typically they were out of order. So the receptionist got someone to come and do a 'healthcheck' on me, but blow me if the BMI body fat calculator thingy wasn't on the blink too. So all I found out is my blood pressure is normal and my resting heart rate is 72. Is that good? It sounds alright!

We went to a little cafe at a local beauty spot in the forest where we sat outside, and enjoyed the trees while they are still quite green and lush.

I've just subtotalled my calories for the day and they are 1,210, so I can afford to have a bit of grated cheese on my tortellini tonight. Hurrah!!

Hope everyone else had a lovely Sunday?


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4 Replies

  • 3 weetabix, you did well! Pleased you've had a good day 😊

  • Aw, so glad you've had a lovely day :)

    Mines been quite lazy but good calorie wise! :)

    Sazkia x

  • Sound like a lovely day and it is reassuring to know that your blood pressure is healthy. Xx. I bet you enjoyed your cheese. Xx

  • Thanks, I really needed the swim, I had been feeling very wound up and stressed but it was quite a pick me up!

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