On a high! and no not the medicated kind :)

I had a fantastic game of hockey this afternoon, rain held off although might have been welcome as soooo muggy! 1hr 10 mins of cardio exercise, we won and I resisted temptation of crisps, flapjack and choc muffins too at the end that were thrust in my face (twice!!). Woohoo smashing the weekend so far!! Hope everyone else doing well...


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8 Replies

  • Well done you. No pictures today so disappointed ohhhhh.☺

  • Thanks, me on a hockey pitch is not a pretty sight lol but hoping that will change by the end of this season :).

  • Hi Labessade,

    Great that you enjoyed your hockey game this afternoon, and that the rain held off. Hope the muggy atmosphere will lift soon! Brilliant to hear you won as well, and like you said, an hour and 10 minutes of cardio - and fun too.

    Wow, you resisted the temptations put in your way as well, that is really great!

    Here's to another great day tomorrow, and you'll have smashed the weekend as a whole.

    I'm enjoying the weekend so far. It's not been too bad - I have succumbed to some temptation, but I'm doing my best to re-balance as the day goes on. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal, it was an awesome game and a friendly before the season starts next week so lots of fun! Sounds like your weekend is going well too... its all about balance isn't it.. I just made some popcorn so that was my one treat for the day... keeps us sane :).

  • 1 hour 10 of cardio exercise is fab, well done and resisting temptations Twice .... you go girl :-) keep on going you have the right attitude to succeed on Your journey xx

  • Welcome back trafford1. I hope you are well.

  • Thank you for the Welcome back Concerned and Yes I am very well thank you hun. x

  • Thank you :) x

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