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First Non-Scale Victory

I'd like to celebrate my first non-scale victory!

Yesterday I had to invest in some new black trousers mainly for work but also for a close relatives funeral (good does come from the sad)

I've always had trouble with finding trousers to fit due to my size (I've ranged from 12 at my smallest to 20 at my largest!), but yesterday I slipped right into a 16! No issues, no hang ups playing on my mind, just a lovely satisfied feeling that I'm still going in the right direction! 😊

Here's to those lovely little victories!

Onwards and downwards!!

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Yea!!! Enjoy the victory you made happen but i am sorry it is tinged with sadness.

Next time you will be slipping into those 14's near Christmas maybe?

Onwards and downwards to you too and enjoy your weekend. Best wishes Bev


Yay 😊 That's a great feeling isn't it? Well done you!


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