No weight loss

Morning everyone,

Hope you all are doing good. I was not in this Monday weigh in as I was feeling not to to say the same from 4 weeks. Was working really hard last week in food and exercise wise.stayed in 1400 calories limit and burnt calories by running as well as strength exercises every day.

Felt a bit down no loss at I booed an appointment with nurse to see she can tell something . At first she was a bit confused after have a look at me that I need to lose any weight. She took some long time to calculate my Bmi which came out 26.28!

She said for your height and age your healthy bmi will be 26.2 but only .08 is extra.

Another shock for me that I am not 70 but 73.3 KGS. And on my scale I weight 70kgs confused my scale was malfunction. Oh

I will be in healthy weight at 70 KGS with a bmi of 26.2.I never thought that bmi of more than 25 is health.but I want to go at 70 KGS now my Mimi goal is .

I need some help what can I do any suggestions advise welcome.looking forward for some help.

Thanks all for being here.



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17 Replies

  • Hi Awan, here's an idea that may not have occurred to you. Are you sure you're eating enough? Put all your details into the BMI calculator and see what it suggests. It's important to eat enough, or your body may start to conserve energy/fat. Have a look at this thread, for more reasons

    I also think you're maybe a bit stressed too and that's never good for weight loss. Try to relax, enjoy eating healthily, exercising and feeling good, but ignore the number on the scales. Maybe take your measurements and see if there's a change there.

    I'm sad, too, that you didn't join us at the weigh-in, because we want to support you at all times, but especially when you're feeling a bit disappointed. Why not be brave and log your maintain, because you know a maintain is always better than a gain :)

    Chin up, you're doing fine and you're barely overweight! Start loving yourself, the way that we love you. You deserve it! :)

  • Thanks moreless,

    I will have a look at NHS Bmi calculator again.I was counting my calories by myfitnesspal which I felt really good now.1400 and mostly heathy eating I am not a fan of junk .I have changed very little of my diet not a lot because I am on track already but control my portion was a struggle is still .If not count calories.

    Not feeling stressed but I will be more positive in my thinkings.

    I will update soon.

    Thanks for being here.

  • Good for you Awan, you're doing so well and I wish you could see that too :)

  • So I see my calorie allowance is b/w 1627-2092. what it means?

    If I want to lose I should not eat 1400 calories but 1627!! If I am not wrong can you tell me more less.

  • You should be eating more Awan, at least 1627.

    If that feels too scary for you, increase a little at a time and see how you get on. Maybe aim for 1500 to start with, or stagger your calories, ie have one, or 2 days a week, where you eat more.

    Experiment and see how you get on :)

  • I see another calculator told if want to lose 1 lb a week eat 1500 or 1020 to lose 2lbs a week. So I will try 1500 calories thinks.

  • That's great Awan, try it and see how you get on :)

  • From now on!

    I will do it for the good. If I am having periods so don't want to run or walk what you do during your periods?

  • I'm too old now for periods Awan, but always continued walking when I used to have them. You don't have to walk hard, fast, or far, but it's always good to keep moving :)

    Maybe cycling would be another option?

  • Oh sorry I asked some wrong question.But I will manage.

    Thanks a lot.

    You are always encouraging me and give me some solutions.

    I will see the improvement soon,with your great help.

  • No probs Awan! :)

    Fingers crossed that this will do the trick! :)

  • Hi Moorless has told you right with your allowance etc and given some brilliant advice, just enjoy the fact you are barely overweight at all, enjoy the healthy eating and exercise and you will be absolutely fine.

    Worry and stress add to weight gain and boy do I know that one.

    Enjoy your life and your little ones, remember you are lovely as you are now, try to relax a little with the weight issue maybe focus on something else whilst still eating healthily.

    Take a look at some of the posts for maintaining weight now.

    Best Wishes Bev


  • Thanks itsbab,

    I will try to think less about weight but don't want to maintain , still need to lose to look smart as I was before.My healthy weight started from 51-70 KGS.I want to be in the middle 60kgs.

    Not quickly but at least lose a bit in 4 week time so now I will eat 1500 calories from now. Maybe it can help.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Good luck it is lots of little experiments we have to try to see what suits us best everyone likes different things, has different lifestyles, families to care for, time issues, work etc. You seem so dedicated I am sure you will reach your overall goal. Best wishes for good results.👍😊

  • Thanks itsbab,

    I will try my best to be determined and start not to worry lot about weight.

  • No wonder I couldn't find your weigh-in on Monday Awan, I was looking for it, wanted to write to you ! Wish I could help, but I've been most of my adult life heavily overweight, and have no experience in losing the last few pounds. All I can say is try different things, something will work. Hopefully the Last Few Pounds Club helps too.

  • Thanks dear tidi,

    For all your kind words and feelings.

    But I was feeling a bit down so didn't come on Monday weigh in but I will join this week sure no more stress its fine not to worry just will carry on my hard work.

    So will see the results soon.

    Thanks for the links you shared with me .They looking nice to me had you joined any or just for help.

    Thanks tidi.

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