I'm new here. Well, not brand-new, signed up, went on holiday but I'm starting now!


I signed up in August, just before I went on holiday to try and motivate me to not put on any more weight while away. I'm happy to say I managed that goal, but didn't get as much in a walking routine as I had hoped so I'll have to come up with a plan for that.

I really struggle with routine for exercise, like to blame it on a busy household but really it's just lack of motivation and being lazy. So if anyone has any good ideas on how to get organized building some exercise routine in my day I would love to hear them.

I'm incredibly unfit at the moment so I'll have to start slowly I guess but please give me some hints!


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  • Hi there! Welcome! I'm also new to this community.

    I'm not a big fan of exercise but my job keeps me on my feet. I also like to go on walks. I wear a step counter and try to break my previous record.

    I recommend you start by walking 30 minutes a day and then increasing. If you don't want to go out you or weather is unfriendly you could try walking or running in place at home.

    There's also free apps that help you get fitter doing squats, crunches or whatever exercise of your choice by progressively increasing reps each day.

  • Thanks for the tips

  • Hi leonorgo and Gjels

    I've had a quick look and can't see that you have been given the usual information and advice we try to do when new folk join us, so here it is. Please forgive me if I'm wrong and you have had this. I don't want to duplicate, on the other hand if you haven't had it, it may prove helpful.

    Our forum is a very friendly, encouraging and helpful site, where we are all on the same journey to health.

    If you haven't already, please read the Welcome Newbies post. It's in the Pinned Posts section, to the right of your screen, (bottom if you're on a mobile). It has a link to the NHS 12 week plan, which is a great place to start. It doesn't give a specific diet plan, but gives guidelines for healthy eating.

    You may also like to check out how many calories you should have each day using the BMI checker.

    Perhaps consider joining in our challenges, they're fun to do and help with motivation.

    We also have a Monday group weigh-in posted by two of the Fab5'ers, Lowcal and moreless. To give you some idea of what this is about, you can have a look at the latest thread in the events section, to the right of the home page. The weigh in is entirely voluntary, but I find it helps keep me accountable.

    Be active on the forum, as that's where we exchange ideas and get our daily dose of motivation and inspiration. 😄

    Good luck 😀

    Mouse 🐭

  • Hey Gjels,

    Although I don't do a lot of exercise myself (and I need to!) I've found that Jillian Michaels 20-minute exercise DVD as it does only take 20 minutes! It's also proven that with the right diet, that you can lose upto 20 pounds in 30 days.

  • Walking is great exercise for weight loss. You don't need to be massively organised about it or go out for long walks. Just do a bit more walking than you would normally do every opportunity and it will add up. Park further away from wherever you're going so you have to walk a bit further (or get off a stop earlier/later if you're using the bus/train/tram). If you work somewhere where it's possible to get up and walk over to talk to people rather than calling or send email, that's good too. If you have two things to take from one room to another, make two journeys. Just try to keep moving. Anything you do that is more than you did before will help. You can build up gradually.

  • Thanks for all the great tips, I think it will be quite easy to fit in a bit more walking if I use my brain and the tips you all gave me

  • Try to add movement into what you are doing. For instance, I march on the spot when cleaning my teeth, walk around the house when on the phone, do a little jog or dance when the adverts are on, dance on the spot to the radio when washing up, etc. It all mounts up.

    Good luck 🍀🍀

    Mouse 🐭

  • Try spinning - indoor cycling. Book a series of sessions in advance so you're committed. It requires no thought - the leader, picks the music, designs the class etc. You get a really good CV workout and only takes an hour, including a shower. I see all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.

  • I find if you get up and exercise asap then you are more likely to stick to it, get your gear ready the night before and plan your route, it does help to be organised. Or if that's not possible then as soon as you get home from work etc. Put your gear on and head out before you relax and if you get into a routine it gets easier over time. Start off with little walks first and build it up, walking is great, especially in the outdoors, think it helps with your mood too. Then when you are walking comfortably and ready to up a level look up couch to 5k (C25K). Loads of free apps out there you can download to your phone, including an NHS one and you will find loads of posts etc relating to it on here too. It aims to get you running 30 minutes in about 9 weeks although you can repeat weeks if you struggle moving on any levels. Have a look here if interested nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/.... Lots of people think they can't run but this is really motivational and you can go at your own pace in your own time... if this isn't for you find a local walking group or fitness class... doing it with others can give you the motivation to turn up and do the exercise. Half the battle is just getting started, good luck :)

  • Hi Gjels

    Why not to start walking and build it gradually. Beleive me it will work. But you need to start and maintain it one day you be runnning.

  • I am trying to increase my exercise at the moment, and am looking for every opportunity to move a little more whenever I would normally walk somewhere. I now have my Fitbit (counts steps/distance) so that is definitely motivating me to improve on what I did. And as has been said, I am parking my car at the far end of the car park, trying to walk a little more briskly when I'm going short distances, getting up from my desk regularly to fetch water, empty my recycling, any excuse really. After that I think it is a case of working out an exercise that does make you think you want to get up and do it. Put on some music and have a dance around if that makes you smile. Do you like gardening or housework? Exercise encompasses everything from archery to zumba - if you go on line there are lists of "exercise" related activities - you could well find something that makes you really want to get up and go.

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