Last Few Pound Club - Nearly over the danger zone (the week-end!)

Last Few Pound Club - Nearly over the danger zone (the week-end!)

Hi, just wanted to say I hope you are all doing well and resisting those week-end temptations. I have been very impressed to see one or two of you really going for it exercise wise and it's made me think I need to get more organised regarding that. I do a lot of walking but I do need to change it up a bit so my body doesn't just get used to it. 'Walk all over Cancer' challenge is going well and I'm smashing the steps, so hoping that will help the scales be favourable on Thursday. Cooked a lovely tradional Sunday dinner today, I weighed everything and the portion I had was plenty enough for me and I have more than enough calories left for a fruit salad and Skyr later 😊

Enjoy the rest of your week-end, good luck for Monday's weigh in and I'll see you on Thursday.


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  • Hi Caz,

    I'm just pinning your thread, and linking to the last one:

    Yes, it's been great to see people going for it for exercise this week, and I know I am one of those people, as I've found all the great Challenges to be so inspiring, it's really kick-started me after my recent holiday. So THANK YOU so much for this great Challenge, as it really does help a lot.

    Glad to hear your "Walk all over Cancer" Challenge is going well too - and wishing you luck with tomorrow's weigh-in. We can do this!

    Lowcal :-)

  • thanks! yes we can 😊

  • Sounds like a very productive weekend all round .

    I have all my children home for tea tonight ( I feel like a mother duck with all my chicks :-). ) Two of them are nurses so will be arriving later on after a busy long day in the NHS . I've made cottage pie with less 5 % fat mince and covered with sweet potatoe , then Blackberry and Rasperry Crumble with frozen yoghurt

    GLad you are doing so well with the steps Caz, I have about 1000 to go for today , but will have it sorted before bedtime .

    love this thread and challenge πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ . See what tomorrow's weigh in brings

  • Your meal sounds lovely and healthy too 😊 hope you have an enjoyable time with your family and good luck for the weigh in.

  • You are doing great and keep going.

  • thanks!

  • I wasn't as good as I wanted to be. A spontaneous visit to a street festival with friends yesterday evening led to a tad too much alcohol, a very late night and a somewhat hungover Sunday. The hangover also meant I didn't get to do the long run I wanted to. On the positive side there was no snacking, I refused the ice-cream when everybody else was pigging out (had one lick of my husband's) and I got a good 12k of walking in yesterday and attempted a run today. Only managed about 5k of running and the rest (about 9k in total) was a good walk. Oh and a bit of jiggling around to the music at the festival. So all is not lost - we'll see by Thursday!

  • Sounds like you had a good time! Well done on the exercise and not snacking. Good luck!

  • Am I the odd one out? I don't find weekends all that difficult. My problem days are Thursdays and Fridays when I look after my grandkids. Apart from the biscuits and cakes in their home, I get home in the evening too tired to prepare and cook, even doing a salad is sometimes too much! If I remember to defrost a pre-cooked meal from the freezer, that's a good day 😁

    I haven't managed to go for a long walk at all this week, but will do at least 3 walks next week 🚢🚢🚢

    Mouse 🐭

  • To me it depends on what plans I have during weekends. I often have friends coming over/going to a friend's house and it involves a lot of eating and drinking alcohol. In August my children both have their birthdays meaning that during weekends we throw one party after another with cake, hot cocoa, cream and the work. That is a challenge. But the good thing about weekends (the ones without parties) is that there is time to cook good and healthy food and to exercise.

  • I can see why that would be challenging, but good you have pre cooked meals in the freezer to fall back on. I think mine is a case of old habits die hard, when I was at home, Sunday's meant roast dinners, Yorkshire puddings, home made trifle and cakes and chocolate!

  • Living by myself, I try to batch cook and freeze some down (with the calorie value written on), for later. Mostly these are thick veggie soups, chicken and also bolognese (just cook the pasta). 🍡

    Sunday roasts are ok too, lean roast meat, and I roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips and whole small onions, sprayed with Frylight olive oil. All calorie counted and really yummy! Dessert could be sugar free jelly over fruit, with a little low fat, low sugar custard. Probably closest we'd get to trifle πŸ˜ƒ

  • stop it, you're making me hungry!

  • I\ve made myself hungry too ...

  • How did everyone get on over the weekend? I walked further yesterday which felt good. Because it was such a lovely sunny evening we had a special treat for tea, fish and chips down at the beach 😊 I shared with my daughter and still couldn't finish my half fish and dozen chips! What has happened to me?? Lol πŸ˜‚ Glad to say the scales were kind to me this morning, but I think we are officially weighing in on Thursdays? Sorry, I can't remember!! Doh! 😜

    Have a good week people 😊

  • Hi Anna61 , so pleased you are recovering. Your evening walk sounds idyllic, beach and fish and chips! You can either use your Monday weight or weigh again on Thursday, entirely up to you.

  • It was a lovely evening ❀️

    Will use Thursday weight for this thread 😊 I've just done the same walk again, about 15 minutes but barely 1/2 km, and forgot my jawbone!!! Grrrr!! Lol πŸ˜‚ Typical! But I'm on target for 3000 steps daily, building up to 4000 for week 4 😊

    Getting there s l o w l y . . .

  • you are doing great! put your walk in manually on the jawbone app.

  • Yeah, did that but was hoping to double check the steps!! 😊 Most important thing was actually DOING the walk!! Legs feel like lead today so pleased with myself 😊

  • The weekend was definitely challenging!!!

    For a first I did not have the time or energy to fit in all the running I planned to do, but running is not all, I enjoyed a couple of nice walks around with family and that was good fun :)

    On Saturday, there was a barbecue with all the families of my cull-de-sac and that was fantastic! very good fun, it made me realize how nice it is to have human interactions with who lives next to you (of course we usually have it, especially between people with same/similar age kids, but the dinner was a great occasion :) ).

    The evening went by really nicely :)

    Downside: It turns out we are all very good cooks and we all like good food! so plenty of salads, meat and cakes (we brought mini pizzas, focaccia and tiramisu... typical Italians ;)

    In 1 night I probably could have had the whole week allowance... but I managed somehow to keep the gain to less than a kilo (did not touch alcohol and bread - yep only meat and salad!!) and limited the cakes... additionally the weekly effort made the rest and today's weight in went well with 2 kilos loss ( stayed at 84, but last Monday I was 86 ;) could not believe the scale!)

    So now I need to keep going and try to manage weekends as this one (I am going for a wedding in 2 weeks...a big fat Italian wedding... so let's see how that will work out...

    enjoy your week ;)


  • sounds like you had a lovely time, and well done for being restrained in your choices, you are doing so well !

  • Wow!! 2 kilos??? That fantastic!! I know what you mean about BBQs they are sooooo tough πŸ˜• So well done! And my mouth is watering at the thought of a big fat Italian wedding . . . ❀️

  • yep

    that will be interesting... Of course I am already planning to not lose anything that week, mainly by loosing 3 kilos over the week and gaining them back on the wedding...

    Anyway, If all goes well I should have some time to run and walk, so let's see how it goes...

  • Hi how do I join in please? I have less than a stone to go now having list over 4 stone! Thanks x

  • Hi Lynnrich , fantastic that you have already lost 4 stones, that's brilliant ! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ If you let me know your stats - weight now, and goal before Christmas I will add you to the members. I will be posting an update tomorrow. Welcome!

  • Thanks my weight is currently 9st 10lb and I want to be at target which is 8st 13lb before Christmas hopefully!

  • Hi all,

    happy Thursday! Hope you are all doing fine. As I was saying my weekend wasn't easy, but I managed to maintain what I did over the week and got 84 Kg. on Monday. Today I am at 83.5, so still managed a small drop. I know my weight varies a lot over the days and week, so I would trust this to be a kilo drop... but for our purposes, getting closer to the target :)

    So the callenge keeps going :) 5.5 kg. to go to healthy BMI! (apparently 4 cm. to healthy height-waist ratio calculated here:


    all the best


  • Well done marco83 ! That's really good that you are getting closer to goal and thanks for the link. I've done a new post this morning, but will record your stats from here.

  • thanks

    sorry I didn't see the new post... I'll look for it later :)

    have a lovely day

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