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Top of the Cairngorm!

Top of the Cairngorm!

Got back from my holiday to Aviemore. I had such an amazing time, I can't even begin to tell you how good I felt! We did lots of walking but walking to the top of the Cairngorm Mountain was incredible, and I didn't even feel out of breath. Didn't hit my goal of 11 stone but I got to 11 and a half stone from 18 stone so I am still pretty chuffed. For reference, this was me before... m.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...

The view is amazing. We could see for miles and miles!

Ate terribly for days. But I really enjoyed myself. Normal eating resumes tomorrow. 👍

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Wow Osiris275 what a fantastic picture !!

You are such an inspiration to so many. Going from 18stone to 11.5stone is a wonderful achievement 😀

Not only do you look great but your health has obviously improved to much as you did get breathless climbing the Cairngorm mountain 🏞

well done you 👍😇


You look amazing well done you must be so proud of yourself to achieve this and feel good I'm just on the end of my first week but I weighed in at 17st 3 so I have along road I hope I can do as well as you I feel so much better after just one week I'm sure after 3/4 months I feel even so so much better well done truelly an inspiration too other to show it can be done xx


Lovely photo, you look great! Pleased you've had a good holiday and feel so fit!


It looks good, it feels good and by goodness, it does you good! :)

What a fantastic pic Osiris, you have every reason to be as proud as punch. What you've achieved is amazing and you look like a million dollars! Being able to do things like that, are what make it all worthwhile :)

A 6.5st loss is brilliant and that other 1/2 st will be gone in next to no time. Keep up the great work, I'm looking forward to seeing your pic at the top of Everest next! ;)

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Great picture and such a blue sky! Not often as clear as that on top of those mountains - you picked the right week to do your climb. Well done on losing 6 1/2 stones - the weight of a not-so-small child you were carrying around. Hopefully all your strenuous exercise will have offset any holiday meals...


Fab photo 😊 And sounds like an amazing holiday! 😊👟 ❤️ The Cairngorms are something aren't they? So pleased you had fun and all your hard work had paid off 😊 You are nearly at goal, not far now! Good luck 😊


I went hiking last week. I also did not eat at all well.....good at the time but could not live like that. Back on track today all being well. You did well with your weight loss, congratulations :-)


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