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Hi, does anyone have a fixed one week diet plan I can kick this off with. I am better being given hard and fast rules, even if I don't like the things on it. The whole 'let's be flexible about food' thing is fine when you have the basics under your belt but I need to kick this off with a rigid basic plan I can stick to and drum into my head, then build on, not just be left to my own devices. Being left to my own devices got me into the mess I'm in today to begin with.


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  • Try and break it down meal by meal Alan. What do you normally have for breakfast lunch dinner? How many calories does the BMI calculator recommend you should be eating? What likes, dislikes do you have? What other factors do you need to take into account eg allergies, meals at work, fitting in with other family members, finances.

    You need to spend a bit of time planning, then it will be easier for you :)

    Try putting menu planning into the search box at the top right of your screen and see what it comes up with :)

    All the best :)

  • I will try that

  • Tried , no result

  • That's strange aeiou, because when I enter it, there's a great long list of posts from members, with the same subject matter :o

    Did you press enter, after you typed menu planning?

  • Hi AlanW

    I agree with Moorless you have all those factors to think of when meal planning but I must admit I am a planner in all walks of life other than food. I usually wait to see what I fancy at the time, but if you have a young family to cater for planning is probably best. Now days I try to steer clear of any thing processed which I used to eat a lot of, so what grows in the ground, meat, fish etc is about 85% of my foods now with cheese, yoghurt and the odd processed item among the remaining 15%.

    Count everything, weigh everything that needs to be weighed it is so easy to put too much cereal into that bowl etc.

    My grandma used to have exactly the same meals every day she was diabetic and lived to be 96, so it worked for her, but personally since I have been on this change of food journey I have found lovely foods I hadn't even looked at before.

    Good Luck I am sure there are many people who will be able to offer you good advice as the day progresses. Bev 👍😊

  • Good advise, I too am trying to stay clear of processed food, certainly compared to what I used to eat! I have turned into one of those people who 'chooses not to eat this and that'....I actually carry decaf tea bags around with me....but heck does it matter, it makes me feel better about what I choose to eat and drink....A few years ago if someone asked me for a decaf tea I would have thought, how that person is me......this is just a small example....I now read labels on food packaging and anything with red highlighted or first ingredient is sugar I now avoid.

  • I think you will benefit from taking the time to do your own planning and you are also more likely to succeed if you own it.

    The thing that is fixed is the calorie allowance but you have freedom to enjoy whatever meals or snacks you like within those guidelines.

    You can download the free ap myfitnesspal and it will calculate the calories of the food that you consume.

    Plan a week's worth of tasty food / menus that are within your calorie allowance (can be really easy and simple like jacket potatoes / soups / salads etc). Then stick to it!

    You can always repeat the weeks menu if you like but my guess is that you will enjoy starting to experiment as your knowledge of nutrition and calories etc improves.

    Good luck!

  • I wish someone would come up with a fixed diet plan. My head is too scattered to put one together

  • May not be suitable for you but my wife and I had great success with this.

    It's a book by Michael Mosley (off the TV) with meal plans for 8 weeks. If you need more calories, increase the portion sizes.

  • Hi Aeiou You could try one of the menu plans on the link to get you started, I found the recipes on the site really helpful, good luck

  • GM diet... although you can make certain variations to it... but it is quite fixed

  • You could look in the library for one of Rosemary Conley's diet books. She usually includes a 2 week kick off plan in her diet books which does indeed set out breakfast, lunch, dinner (and a snack). If you follow it exactly you'll lose several pounds.

    Her plans are quite strict, but, on the other hand, the woman is in great shape, and she does know what she is talking about! So it's worth the effort.

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