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What a year

Hi Everyone,

I know this is not the place but just need to vent.

We are only in August and already I want this year gone reasons

Daughter hospitalised due to gailstones so large they blocked the bail duct so ended up with infected liver/kidney to the point she was yellow. Doctor missed it and when brought to the attention of Primary Care emails he still insisted there was nothing wrong. Had 4 stones removed under general and 3wks ago had her gailbladder removed.

While this was going on a dear friend went for a mammogram and a very small lump was found turned out to be cancer. Had it removed and 15 days of radiotherapy and a tablet for a year with luck all is good.

My favourite Uncle has been diagnosed with Dementia and going down hill fast. I'am watching his children fight over money and one daughter got power of attorney while the other 2 just accuse her of stealing his money or trying to swindle his money (put him in sheltered accomodation sell his house from under him). Not getting involved with this.

Now another dear friend's husband developed a lump on his neck yesterday he was told it was cancerous just waiting for the rest of the tests to come through to confirm if it is just lymphoid or a melanoma.

Good points

I have lost alot of weight.

Went for my second mammagram to find it did not hurt like last time, nurse suggested could be cause minehave shrank so not much to squash.

A friend of 34yrs became a grandmother to a beautiful little girl and her parents get married end of September.

Well lets see what the rest brings. Sorry to vent

Good luck


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It's always good to vent Wendy and we're here to support, regardless of the subject matter :)

I'm so sorry that 2016 hasn't been a good year for you and yours, you really have had an awful lot to contend with! I hope that all of these stories have happier endings, than beginnings and that you find the strength to deal with them all.

Sending you big, supportive hugs ((((((HUGS))))))

On the flip side, there have been some smashing high points and I'd like to congratulate you for all of them :) xx


It's okay to vent, it's healthy.

I'm sorry so much negative events have taken place and I can understand why you're wishing this year away. I sincerely hope 2017 is a much happier and healthier year for you and yours.

However, I am glad to read that you have noted the positives too and kept in mind that despite all the horrible stuff happening you've managed to lose weight; that is a MASSIVE achievement so big well done to you. You're very admirable and an inspiration to other members. Please remain strong, you've done incredibly well.

Hope you feel a little better for venting and getting that off your chest.

Sazkia x


I really feel for you Wendy. Sometimes it seems like good folk have really bad luck and misfortune while others, perhaps not as nice, get away with so much. I have seen it with my friends and family too.

Like moreless says you have some high points, so congrats on those, especially losing weight as we all know how hard it is and how much effort it takes 👍

Hope the rest of this year is good to you 🍀🍀🍀 four leaf clovers for luck.

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Life is a bit like our English weather - some days it seems as if we have just one grey cloud after another, but eventually, (and it always does) - the sun shines again. We have to survive those tough and stormy moments and look forward to those beautiful sunny days when they appear. Stay positive - think "I will survive" as Gloria Gaynor used to sing...


Really sorry about all the bad things you have had to deal with, and hope things improve. 2015/16 has been really rough for my family too. Reading your post I admire you for finding positives too, and it reminded me those are the things that get us through.


So sorry what an awful year you have had and such horrible things going on I agree with the Gloria Gaynor song plus another Things Can Only Get Better Glad you had some positives too and sure it's time you had some more

We are all hear to listen and wish you happier times ahead

Take good care of yourself xxxx


Sorry you've had a tough year Gottodothis but glad you can see some positives 💗 I hope the next part of year is better for you and your family xx

Sending you virtual hugs (()) xx


Do hope that things improve for you and yours (you're so right about staying out of situations that are not yours to deal with, although I can understand that this is distressing in itself) Many I of us are dealing with difficult problems and I am inspired by you balancing the negatives with appreciation of the positive aspects of your life. Keep hanging on in there! :-)


wow, what a year so far, poor you. In 2008 my younger brother died suddenly of cancer and in the May , my older brother Jimmy died of Lukiemia, which sent me spiralling into a huge depression. I remember how I felt, it was three events not as many as you but I do remember feeling "what s next?" I know it would b so hard for you but I do feel you should try and focus on getting yourself right which in turn will help you feel better. I am sure the big man upstairs has mot inflicted this all on you, its just very unfortunate that you know all these people who have been having a terrible time. Please dont give in to that feeling of hopelessness, it can take over and pull you under. You don't say if you are on a plan, and forgive me if on a previous post you have said you are. I would suggest you say to yourself today that enough I enough. Plan a new start. A healthy eating plan, and most of all some exercise cos a walk in ftesh air can help immensely. Good luck, and keep posting on here. We are all for each other. 😁 xx


sorry after re reading I see you have lost a lot of weight, so don't give up, keep trying, I am sure the bad luck will end soon. Hugs to you xx


Thanks for all the support greatly appreciate it. I learn't along time ago stress over what you can control and for what you ccan't just go with the flow.

For every negative there has to be a positive and to appreciate that or the negative things will overwhelm you.

Blaming others for their actions towards you for along time is not worth the energy.

My doctor gave me this advice instead of going on depression tablets and it does help. But once in awhile just for afew moments things get on top.

Thanks again everyone.



Hi Wendy,

It sounds like it's been a really difficult time and I admire your strength and resolve{{{{hug}}}}

Supporting loved ones can take so much out of us and we need to take time out for ourselves, even if it's a walk around the block !

It might not seem today that the good outweighs the bad at this time but never loose sight of what you have acheived for yourself 💐

Hope you have a really nice weekend and able to do something really nice for yourself😃



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