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Todays Top Tip

Hi Losers

Well the tip today to shed a few extra calories is to use a smaller plate. A lot of our eating is done with our eyes. If that wasn't true then why are there so many photo's of food in magazines, social media etc. Using a smaller plate could reduce your calories by 30% and you will still feel full. The trick is that a full plate is still a full plate no matter how big the plate is and that really does trick the mind.

Good luck losers. Onwards and downwards

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This does work and i had to dig out my old dinner plates as my newer set were like bin lids. I also use smaller cutlery too as it's another way of tricking your brain that you have eaten more than you actually have. X


I agree with this absolutely.

A couple of months ago, I was sorting through a box of crockery that had belonged to my grandmother. What stood out to me more than anything was the size of the dessert bowls: they were tiny! Then I realised, they'd hold about a portion.

I actually got rid of ALL my crockery a week or two later and replaced it with crockery chosen for its smaller size and shape (which encourages me to care more about presentation rather than filling every corner). The new dessert bowls are small (not as small as my grandmother's dessert bowls, but half the size of my old ones). I can no longer fit my porridge in them, so I have to use a pasta bowl for that ... which itself is much smaller than my old pasta bowls.

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I actually use a set of dishes from the 60s that were a hand-me-down from a Great-Aunt. I've always loved them and, when she was getting rid of them, she gave them to me! :)

They are larger plates, but the edge is supposed to be decorative and the actual food area is smaller than modern plates. They're also the perfect size for putting on my scales and making sure I don't sneak a bigger portion size. :)


Sorry, still laughing at "hi losers" :-D


Except for my salad meals during the week, when I need a big plate for all the salad leaf I use vintage china. I have quite a collection of trios etc.


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