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Because of various problems with my lower back, neck, and knees, exercise is difficult and painful, but I have to lose weight and control or attempt to, other conditions by a low sugar, carbohydrate, salt, fat and now low potassium diet I was always somewhat confused, now I am floundering, what can I eat, besides cardboard? I also have to provide 3 meals a day for 2 men who no matter what they eat, they stay the same weight and extremely healthy, they seem to think there's no problem and it's really easy for me to lose weight, and can't figure out why I haven't done it already! Great support 😕

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The diet you describe is possible eating normal food just a few tweaks, lean meat or fish, lots of veg and salad, small portion of potatoes or wholemeal pasta, fruit for dessert 😊 I think you just need to get your head round things, try to focus on what you can eat 😊 There's no need for different meals for the rest of the family, just adjust their portions 😊 Good luck


Men are so smug sometimes you want to slap them. Just research all the foods that are good for you and keep a list of what you can eat. You will get plenty of support on here.

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