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Easy come, not so easy go...

I managed to lose around 18lbs through the start of this year, but have had a rather tough few weeks. In the space of a month, I've gained half my loss back again...

This is where I hope to get back on track again, and hope nothing else goes wrong in the coming weeks.

Time to reboot with week 1 of the plan.

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Hi and welcome back it's strange how life throws us off sync isn't it but you've put the brakes on in time so you will soon remove those lbs that have reintroduced themselves to you.

Life seems to be throwing me curve balls right, left and centre at the moment but I am certain I won't give in to temptation. Next week will be my last week on the plan so it will be re-boot round 2 I guess for me as I have a lot to loose.

Hope you manage to get in the mindset YOU CAN DO THIS because we need YOUR help too!! 👍😊


Thanks! The big problem is that things come one after the other... You have one week where things go wrong, and you let things slip because it's just for this week, but something happens the next week and the next!

Well done for managing to avoid distraction, I hope the curve balls stop soon!


Hi Cooper27,

Sorry to hear you've had a touch few weeks. I'd like to wish you success with your plan to Re-boot with Week 1.

Hope you're having a good weekend, and wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


I'm on week 7 of a 're-boot' and can recommend it 😊 It's really good to re visit the plan, re evaluate our eating and build confidence 😊Good luck !

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Yup, in fact plan to increase your natural fat intake to maintain your weight for a week or two each month, to avoid reaching a plateau, then re-evaluate and start weight-loss again.


can you give some examples of natural fat - do you mean cream, butter and cheese by that?


You would want healthy fats - things high in omegas; nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut. The way I understand it, cheese and creams wouldn't be natural fat, as it's not in its natural form (I.e. milk).

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Ok, first week at a new job was not the time to start afresh! They treated us to a buffet lunch today. Well, tomorrow it is then.

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