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weight gain after surgical hysterectomy

Hi I'm a newbie and would like some tips on how to loose weight after the menopause. I am active and use to have a good diet however I have no developed cravings. Some days its sugary stuff, some days its salty crisps and crackers and then it can be white bread! I never get a craving for one of my five a day!! Any ideas on why this has happened and how to combat the belly build up?

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Hi, you've said it all yourself, sugary stuff, calorific snacks, white bread, those are the reasons for weight gain. Menopause affects everyone differently but it's always calories in v calories out that determines weight gain ( unless there is some underlying medical condition ). I would advise downloading the NHS 12 week plan and making a start on swopping for healthier choices. There are some great ideas here to be going on with


Good luck!


Hi Steph

I'm afraid the cravings are down to changes in hormone levels and the foods you mention are just the foods to cause weight gain. They will spike insulin levels and if you are developing insulin resistance (very common as we age) your body will store the food as fat, rather than burn it off.

To combat the belly buil-up, as Caz has said, you need to avoid the sugar and 'white' carbs. Go for fruit if you get a sugar craving, but not too much. Keep your carbs generally low and high fibre. Make sure you are eating enough good quality protein and healthy fats. The 12 Week Plan should give you some guidance and perhaps have a look at Michael Mosely's eating advice too.


I recommend Miriam Stoppards book about the menopause 😊 As she suggests, I now eat earlier in the day, bread and carbs mostly before midday,, lighter evening meal, this really helps mid afternoon sugar cravings 😊

I'm due a H. soon and do not want to re gain all the weight I've battled to lose πŸ˜• Hoping as I'm post menopausal I will find it a little easier πŸ˜•

It is more difficult to lose weight but not impossible. Try not to reduce calories too drastically, check the NHS site for you BMR and suggested calorie intake 😊 Slow and steady wins the game 😊

Good luck!


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