Usual stuff - need to lose weight and get fit

Hello. I've just joined as I need to lose about 20kg to reach my good BMI and increase my activity from almost zero to more than zero. I'm only just over 5' tall so extra weight makes me look short and dumpy. In fact I look like all the women in my family so it must be in the genes! Not too good at counting calories but know that I need to cut out the alcohol and butter and start moving around more. I enjoy swimming but not running and I don't like doing things in groups so I'll probably just sneak into the pool incognito and quietly get on with it.


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  • Hi, I am new to this group too. Not good at counting calories either but smaller portions and more physical activity is key. Any type of exercise does the trick, whatever you enjoy so you can keep doing it regularly. For me is classes at the gym but I enjoy walking early in the morning on Sat and Sun it is so peaceful and quiet I love it. Also I cycle a bit and I walk everywhere I can. I hope you all the best and give us a shout if anything.

  • I've checked out the pool timetable in town and will aim to get down there a couple of times a week - just for starters.

  • Hello

    This is a really friendly forum with lots of advice and support 😊 I'm only short too so can sympathise 😕

    Good luck 😊

  • Good luck! I know what you mean about height and weight. I am 5 foot 1inches and have big hips. I only know my weight in stones and pounds. I am roughly 15 stone, a little less than that as I started my new healthy eating yesterday and done a lot of cardio today. I struggle with maintaining motivation. I wish you all the best on your journey. :D

  • Thanks Sazkia. I'm just over 12 stone and have been this weight for years and just don't seem to be able to get below it. The master plan is to drop a couple of dress sizes by the end of the year! I do a lot of dressmaking and my motivation is to re-make my wardrobe in a size 16. So, there's a possible plan if you thought you could use it for motivation for yourself. Good luck!

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