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6 weeks to lose

Hi Everyone,

Going to a wedding at the end of September and the dress I wanted to wear is too big and because of the pattern/zip position it can not be altered 😢, so I need a new outfit. I have 5ins around my tummy/ hips/bum (dress size down with breathing space).

Lots of abs/ legs bum tum, fat burn, cycling classes booked at the gym along with strength and cardio workouts. It will either kill me or do it haha.

Good luck to all


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Well, better to have a dress too big than too small! :)

And now you have time to get to a smaller size so you can treat yourself to something new. With all that planned I'm sure you'll get where you want to go.


I love the dress, it looked amazing on sooooo disappointed it won't fit or be altered.


That is indeed a bummer. But at least it's for the right reasons. It would be much worse if it was too small.........

Here's hoping you find something even better! :)


Can you have a look on line and see if you can get the same dress in a smaller size?


Celebrate your new shape you will find something even better! Trust me!