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Helpful foods when I feel hungry

I thought I would share some of my food tips that has helped me through the last 3 months, instead of cakes and biscuits or chocolate it was not too difficult to replace this with Greek yogurt, spend a and fruit after lunch. Custard made with semi skimmed milk and fruit for afternoon snack and after dinner, This has levelled my sugar cravings, hope this is helpful

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OMG I want some custard with poached pears...my standby is sugar free raspberry jelly and half a full fat Greek yogurt for a total of 90cal...


thanks, rather helpful 😊


Amazing how it satisfies sugar cravings isn't it, I go for fruit, yoghurt and a sprinkling of dessicated coconut, or sugar free jelly and fruit. If I really want chocolate I have a 2 finger kit kat 😊

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Have you tried porridge with cinnamon, blueberries and raspberries, its my favorited breakfast and the cinnamon makes up for no sugar. I use a porridge sachet to portion control. I go for a mini crunchie at 81 cals if I really need chocolate (but try not to!) :) I haven't tried fruit and custard but will now.


Have not tried that


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