The weekend is coming!

Help the weekend is coming! The weekend is the time my husband and I eat, drink and be merry, it is also the time I am of my weakest resolve. I am already making mental excuses for not sticking to my calorie counting. "I feel deprived, I've been good all week, I don't want to spoil our fun" the list is endless. Do I just loosely follow the diet and feel less deprived or do I stick rigidly to it and run the risk of losing interest later. I feel bad as it's only day 4 and I'm lacking already 😢😢


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8 Replies

  • It is a tough time at weekends . What I usually do is to have something at weekends that is still within my calarie allowance , but is a little more exiting than week day nights, and usually needs a little more preparation . I also do a little more cardiovascular activity ( longer run on a sat morn ) This way weekends still feel a little more special, I don't feel deprived and we still enjoy

    Keep in your mind why you are doing this, remember it's for you , therefore you are not punishing yourself , and keep thinking of how easier getting around will be without those extra lbs

  • Thank you I will bear in mind it's not a punishment, I do need to change the way I think of this weight loss journey, and yes I do deep down think it as a punishment!

  • Just plan it all in! The good thing about the NHS 12 week plan is nothing is banned, you just need to watch portion sizes and overall calories. Plan how many drinks you're going to have, calorie count them, plan strategies to make sure you don't feel deprived, e.g. don't start drinking too early and pace yourself, and keep yourself busy in between. You do need a different strategy for weekends, as you'll want to feel you're having a break, having a bit more fun, letting your hair down. But this doesn't necessarily have to mean you're having more calories than on a weekday. There are ways and means! Good luck, plan it all in, stay strong :)

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, no reason you can't enjoy the weekends with your husband, just take a little time before hand to plan food and drink. You can still enjoy eating together, just control portion size, maybe give yourself a smaller plate to eat off. Have healthy low cal snacks at hand to snack on in between, make swops, if hubby has choc/cake you could have fruit/yoghurt/rice cake/dried fruit, you're still eating together. You could add more sugar free mixer to your drinks to cut down the alcohol calories, if you drink wine why not have a spritzer to make it last longer? All just suggestions but I'm sure you will find work a rounds that suit you and you will feel so much happier for it when you see the scales going down! Have a great week end!

  • Thanks for the tips.

  • Hi Dizie,

    I'd like to say - Enjoy your weekend, plan in any treats that you want to have, and you'll achieve a good balance and be able to enjoy it more. That's what I usually do - I allow myself things on the weekend that I often don't have in the weekdays, and I really look forward to the weekends as a result - and it makes it easier to keep going, and focus.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, I will, you too 😎

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