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Holiday blues

Well am back from my Spanish holiday and was chuffed that I only put on 1.5 lbs. Meaning now put on 4lbs in total with all my weekends away before hand Still not letting it get me down until this weekend I had planned toget back to healthy eating and gym but have been ill ever since Friday with cold and now a tummy bug

Just so fed up still need to lose a stone and half but have no energy , am afraid ill put on more before I get back on track.

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Hi, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. You have to be in the right frame of mind to achieve anything in life and when you are ill that's very difficult. Concentrate on getting well and limit weight gain by eating healthy foods, this will also help you get better quicker. Then, when you do feel well, you will be in a better place to get back on track and lose those pesky pounds.

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Am trying to watch my food ,however don't really fancy much at all ,did have healthy breakfast yoghurt and nuts , and oatcakes for lunch with a piece of cheese and yoghurt. But this evening tummy feeling sloshy so only had slice of toast .Thanks for your reply I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself.


Don't worry about weight, just get well x


Hi dish 70

You won't put on ,get back on track,good luck .


Hello dish70

I am the same boat, gained on holiday and then hurt my back 😕 Now the doctor has found an underlying issue so I have to wait for a hospital referral! Grrrr 😞 So I'm with you on feeling yuk and fed up 😕 And I have gained half a stone!! Eeeek 😕

However, two weeks on and I am mostly pain free so feel back on track, and you will soon I promise 😊 But you have to get well first. Be kind to yourself, eat what you fancy but small amounts and take it slowly.

Best wishes and Get well soon 😊

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