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losing weight on dairy free diet

hi iam on a dairy free diet but I need to lose weigh but what foods can I eat to lose weight I eat porridge and soya milk for breakfast for dinner I have salmon and salad and for tea I have chop or other meats for dinner with baked potatoes and vegetables and fruit and soya yogurt for snacks I have lots of water snice doing my dairy free diet I feel much better iam just wondering if iam doing it right I do have almonds as well for snacks and rice cakes please could u help if iam eating enough I execise for a hour 4 times a week

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Go for almond milk rather than soya


Do you track your calories?


yes I do weight watchers iam within my points its just hard as I have look at every ingredients what is in the foods I eat ive started to make meals from scratch as well


You write this as though you are eating the same meals every day. I don't know if this is so or if this was just one days example. If you are I would suggest you vary your diet as your body needs variety. Try having a different breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for a week.

The fact that you are Dairy free doesn't mean that you cannot enjoy a good variety of different foods


Has the die

Has the dietician or doctor who advised you not to eat dairy explained why? I would ask them what alternatives would help you lose weight. The NICE guidelines are slowly changing and there is now more emphasis on taking patient preference into account.

For example, your diet would not work well for me, but could well be fine for you if you kept the portion sizes down. I hardly ever eat potatoes, especially not baked, because of the high carbohydrate content. I eat a wide variety of seasonal fresh fruit, but not too much of the sweeter tropical fruit because they contain a lot of natural sugar. A few berries are a delicious dessert - you don't need to eat an enormous bowl full. Leafy green vegetables are said to be better than starchy root vegetables at filling you up without putting on weight.

Finding out which foods suit you without putting on weight takes time, but is possible and can be enjoyable.

There is interesting guidance in the Low Carb Program on the diabetes.co.uk website.

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the dietian told me what I can and cant have i don't often have baked spud like u do i can have dairy as it make me really sick and a sore tummy i have never really be a fan of dairy i get mirgraine from cheese and chocolate and milk i just want to throw with cow s milk i also don't feel well with these foods aswell so i have had test and my doctors said i need to keep away from dairy and refured me to a dietian thank u for the website and advice


Hi Rosieblue

If you are going dairy free, check that you are eating foods that will give you calcium, like leafy green veg, beans, tinned sardines (eat the bones), sesame seeds. Perhaps add your almonds to a meal, rather than snacking. Try eggs for breakfast, for a change.

Have a look at the NHS 12 week plan, if you want some guidance, check your calories or portion sizes. You may need to experiment to find what works for you.

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