Strictly come prancing

Hubby has asked me to go to a tango class with him on Friday. Bear in mind he's a big rock climbing outdoorsy skin head. I think he's suggested it as a way of getting me moving that I will enjoy. Neither of us can dance. It's going to be hilarious! And today my youngest starts tae kwon do. The venue is a couple of miles away and hubby has the car (he's out climbing surprise surprise) so I will be going for a good walk today. Hopefully all this will add up to something and be great first steps towards becoming healthy again.


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  • Hi that sounds so much fun , I'm sure you'll love it having fun and getting fit at the same time what could be better , good luck :)

  • Cheers E1l2v3i4s5 , it's going to be different that's for sure!

  • :-) you have reminded me that my OH were going to do dancing- I will check it out:-)

  • What a supportive husband you have👍 my weight gain first started when I got my own car, you don't realise just how beneficial walking is till you cease to do so much. I hope the sun shines for you and you don't get this awful weather we are having at the moment🌩💦 enjoy your walk you will sleep well tonight💤💤💤

  • How fab, I wish Mr F would embrace a bit of dancing 💃🏻 So pleased you are going with it, I bet you have a great time😃.


  • Fantastic! Have a wonderful time :-)

  • Have a really great time, sounds like lots of fun. :-)

  • Sounds like a busy fun packed day. Enjoy

  • Wow! I am so jealous - would just LOVE my hubby to want to go to a dance class!! Sounds fab, you go enjoy yourselves 😊💃🏼🎤🎉❤️

  • I really do think he's only suggested it as he wants me to address excersise as well as healthy eating. But my knees are so awful just now I can't bring myself to do typical excersisey type things. He knows I love to spin around the kitchen so I would never be able to say no to an actual proper dance class! He's a thoughtful guy. His mates are going to take the total mick out him for this. Because I will tell them all

  • The best form of exercise - enjoyable. Have fun :D :D

  • I will be on at the weekend to let you all know how it went x

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