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5 days of just me n the kids

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So hubby is off being fit and climbing mountains in Wales and I'm left withmy gorgeous trio of noise makers.

I'm going to use these 5 days to show the kids how snaking on fruit n raw veg is the new in thing. Also water.... it's free.... it's good for the body..... I'm gonna drink more. At least 4 of my big juice bottles a day. I shall also make soup. It gives me the devil's bum hole but the teenagers don't come out their rooms anyway and the young one farts like a trooper most of the time himself.

I don't plan on eating that beautiful fluffy soft white bread with my soup. I'm going for the straight soup.

And that is my plan. Shared with those who probably find me going on about it all slightly less boring than my husband finds it. :-)

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HI Bigbumtoo,

I hope you have a good day, and enjoy the soup that you're planning to make. I would have to have wholegrain bread with mine, if I had soup, probably with some peanut butter on it! But if I was having straight soup with nothing else, then I'd probably boost the soup with some lentils, or beans, or other form of protein, to give it some nutrients and substance.

What kind of soup are you planning to have? Maybe share your recipe if it's a really tasty one?

Hope you have a lovely day.

Lowcal :-)

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bigbumtoo in reply to Zest

I only ever make 2 soups and 1 of those is incredibly fatty. This is my healthy lentil soup. My mum taught me how to make it so I have no recipe as such. A big pan of water with either pork stock cube or a nice set of pork ribs or a smidgen of Chipotle. Depends how veggie the people are who will be eating. This is the Chipotle version. (If using ribs then boil them for a couple of hours. Keep the stock. Pick off the meat and use for the soup)

Stop I will be using what I call a turnip but down here they seem to be called swedes. About 3 leeks and a big bag of carrots. Skin em and chop em up. Add then to the water with half a bag of red lentils

Simmer for a couple of hours. Mash up however much you like to. Add some salt and pepper. It's done!

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Zest in reply to bigbumtoo

Hi again,

I didn't spot this reply before, only the second one about the peanut butter - not sure why. Anyway, your recipe sounds excellent. Yum - thanks for sharing it! :-)

Have a great day - I'm dashing off now, to get ready for the day, and hope you have a really enjoyable day yourself.

Lowcal :-)

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bigbumtoo in reply to Zest

Peanut butter with soup... well.... I'd have to pass thankyou lol!

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Zest in reply to bigbumtoo

lol I know, it isn't everyone's cup of tea. :-) I really like it though!

Sounds like a plan! The children will find it great fun. I found with my Granddaughter an amazing amount of shapes and animals to make with fruit and veg. The hedgehog mango has to be the favorite!

I love tomato soup and I bake the bread in the oven with oregano and a lot of black pepper and when is crunchy I have it with the soup . Is to die for . You can use the weight watchers bread for that , it doesn't have much cals x

I'm awful though.... with bread my self control is nil. I used to bake my own bread and then melt butter and put it on so it was saturated! I've stopped doing that bit it gives you an idea of the lengths I will go to. I'm best staying away from it.... especially with hubster being away as I don't like being a total gannet on front of him, so I could end up taking things too far. Again!

Brilliant good for you. I need some encouragement but as I live on my own I'm constantly snacking, help

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bigbumtoo in reply to dramagroup

Oh nightmare

. .. is it boredom snacking? If so then I've found crocheting and playing guitar are 2 things I really enjoy that I can't do while filling my face.

Have you got any hobbies like that?

Also not buying the stuff you snack on that isn't healthy is good.

I also use a visualisation technique. It's a bit gross. Basically my husband is quite healthy. He makes a veg fueled packed lunch to work most days and he does one that makes me want to hurl. I actually get a sore tummy and watery mouth like when your going to puke when I think about it too much. I don't tell you the details but it's basically the jellified congealed pasta that does it. And now my tummy hurts.

And breathe.....

Anyway.... that's what I use to help me :-)

Wow girl, I love that determination! How are you getting on? Are you putting chilli in that soup?

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