Brexit Stress ... Emotional Eating!

I don't suppose I'm alone here . I have spent the last 30 hours or so in a state of shock and worry about our brexit decision .... which unconciously I've tried to relieve with an excess of unhealthy snacks and drink! Yesterday I went 500 calories OVER my mainteance level, and what's more, I can't say I feel any better for it whatsoever. Please let's hope things settle down for us all soon and I stop mindless munching!!


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22 Replies

  • Try to relax! Like you said, things should settle down soon.

  • I ate a whole huge pizza last night(!) which I haven't done in ages while maniacally discussing the whole thing with a few complete strangers.

    Got myself to a gym class this morning; out this evening but wow; this is definitely affecting my eating! Got to get that back. Drink water; maybe that'll help!

  • Likewise Frankie53 , I had shortbread, a pizza , 4 glasses of wine and a magnum icecream... I have not eaten that way for two years! My day was not helped however by getting a flat car battery! But today I've had a healthy breakfast, and an hour's walk (without rain) so fingers crossed .

  • Yes, I didn't mention the wine.... which is kind of how most of my food documentation goes; also a slice of home made chocolate mousse cake..... I cannot tell you how good that was! Anyway, yes, off out for a bit more movement !!

  • I'm not British but I too spent hours yesterday worrying about what is going to happen to the Europe I know.

    It's scary, but don't give in to the urge to eat your way out of it. It won't work, I'm afraid

  • You're right @IbenCopenhagen. Historically, Europe has faced far worse things than this and come through stronger. I hope day to day life in your beautiful Denmark is not too badly affected.

  • Hi Elliebath,

    It is certainly a time of much adjustment, not only to the news of the decision, but to processing everything, and there are strong feelings around - I really hope that you can manage to tolerate and cope with things without turning too much to munching.

    I also succumb to emotional eating and it can be tough to cope with sometimes, but you did well to only exceed your maintenance level by 500 calories - well done for not going too overboard.

    Good luck, and I hope you cope ok today and for the remainder of the weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Zest ... my shock is because I feel the opinion of too many older people ( over 60 like me) has swayed the outcome ...instead of the views of our millions of younger adults , who will be the long term beneficiaries or otherwise!!

    Anyway, I may have a bit of a calorie blip , but I will not undo my two years of weight success !!!

  • I too got a bit wrapped up in the scaremongering after our unexpected brexit yesterday until I made the decision to keep away from the media for a week or two. Surprisingly I got up this morning, the sun was out, the sky was blue, all was well with the world and so it will remain. Nothing is really different and I think that, now the decision has been made (by the whole country and not by one individual or age group) then it is for others to fret about politics. Let us leave the politicians to it ..... they (unwisely) asked for our views, the country gave its opinion, now let them sort out the mess. To those who say "aren't you worried?" I can only reply "would it help?"......

  • Hi I know what you mean about comfort eating in times of stress, I have done it so often but the only person you hurt is yourself then hate yourself for it, none of us know what the future holds indeed every day we are on the planet is a bonus, an unexpected meteorite, run over by a bus, we can only take each day as it comes enjoy each day and do your best to plan for the future. The only alternative for me would be depression, been there, done that, NOT going there again. I find music is such a mood lifter and when you lift your mood you see things more clearly. I hope you cease to worry a little but look at what you have now, enjoy it and feel a little happier. I don't watch the news now as every time something went off in the world I took things out of context and basically made up my own terrible ending, When I lost my sister 4 years ago I vowed never to waste my life anymore being a worrier it is hard not to if you are that kind of person but you have to try. Sending you a hug and flowers hope you feel better soon. Bev 🌺🌻🌼💖💖

  • Ah, thank you Bev, your message has helped already😊

  • Sorry you can't smell the flowers, hope you have a lovely remainder of the weekend, 2 years hard work losing weight I am so far behind you but onwards and downwards😊👍

  • I took a year to lose and a year since to maintain. Its possibly the year maintaining that Im more proud of . Good luck with your progress too , I wish you well.

  • Just to say I was stress eating all over the place yesterday too. it's really really shook me. As a young voter I appreciate your comments above! Anyway, like you said I didn't feel much better having scarfed down my lunch really quickly including a slab of cake which I dont usually have ... You could try doing something else to relieve your stress, like I read my book after half an hour after lunch and went out for a run in the evening so that I didn't have to think about it for a bit.

  • I figure there's nothing I can do about it so I just have to get on with it and hope things don't end up as bad as I think they will :/

  • Thanks everyone. At least we are all in this together ( er well... Wales & England anyway) and can prop each other up. And far better this European problem compared to the one my parents faced in 1939.

  • Understand about the emotional eating ................hang on in there. :-)

  • I totally sympathise . I am the same, devastated by the decision and obsessed with searching the Internet for consequences. So far I have managed to avoid too much comfort eating and I am sure you will get back on track soon. good luck!

  • Thankyou. I did do better yesterday... much healthier choices.

    And I managed to curb my frantic search for Brexit answers. Instead I directed my energy into something happy, by planning a family weekend away in october 😊

  • Good for you. I am trying to concentrate on preparing to visit my son in Wales week after next. I have the added complication of having the horror of a second independence referendum tearing Scotland apart looming . However I am going to try very hard to stop worrying and let what will be will be.☹️

  • Try not to worry. No matter where in the UK or world our family and friends live, and no matter which way they vote, they are still our family/ friends. Whatever happens, long may we value them.

  • Thank you. Let's all try not to worry.

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