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Hey guys,

Thank you for all your love and support on my last post. Hoping you are all well.

I am back on the plan, and I am feeling so great. I am taking each day as a baby step and once the day is complete I feel like I have achieved something. Not over thinking about the long term goals anymore. Just baby steps.

I also went on a food shop with my Mum yesterday, and I didn't even look at any chocolate or anything bad.

I also came up with a new way to eat healthy through the day whilst I am at work. I don't travel with money on me anymore. I go to work with my bus pass, and my salad box full of veggies. This way I am saving my money (which I also struggle with) and I am eating well. All in all it is win win, and I am much happier doing this. :)

For those who also said on my last post that I am blaming my family for my eating habits, I'm not. I was trying to get it across that it is hard. But that's done now. My body comes first, I love it too much, so have to treat it well.

I hope everyone is doing OK, and isn't too nervous about the referendum tomorrow!

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Yeah!!! What a transformation from last week I am so pleased you are having good thoughts and indeed put your plans for a healthier lifestyle into action. It is true baby steps, small goals, treat yourself wisely when you have achieved. It is good that you went shopping with mum yesterday as you can show her what you would like maybe she will join you now and again. Think of all the money you are saving maybe you can treat yourself at the end of the month to a new outfit for your ever slimmer frame maybe. I am so glad you feel happier that is the main thing in life we find ourselves in a happy place. Keep it up and once more congratulations⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍😊

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keep it up!! well done you

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