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You can too!

I went for my weekly weigh in today and discovered that I lost 1kg! I'm over the moon. It's finally sinking in that I too can do it.

My total weight loss so far 2.4 kg in 2 weeks

Total weight to lose 45kg

First milestone 4.2kg

Slowly but surely.... I have accepted that this is a slow steady journey. One step at a time.

If you are feeling stuck and feeling like you can't do it, please be inspired and know that you too are capable. It won't happen overnight or even on the first year, but keep at it and you will see the results.

Onwards and downwards 😊

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Yaaaaay Thabza! WTG you! :)

Keep up the great work! :)

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Well done that is amazing :-)

Like you I am on a complete high today as I too weighed in and in my first week I have lost 4 pounds :-o

How strong are we - go us lol


Hi Esull ,

Well done ,never in doubt.


Ohh thank u gman 😀


Fantastic result esull! :)

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Thank u so much 😀

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Hi thabza,

Great loss, as you say great support on here whenever you need.Great stories on here today.


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