Tired of diets !!

Hi Guys i'm new , struggled with my weight for years ,have done every diet imaginable and i'm so confused and tired ....so very tired of diets, low fat diets , low sugar diets , juice diets, fasting diets !!!! All i want is a good healthy life style change and an exercise regime that is manageable and a supportive group which helps me with my motivation . Hopefully i have found that here ... i have read some post and you guys seem to be doing well !! im going to start the NHS 12 week plan tomorrow , i've joned the gym and this group so hopefully things will start to get moving . :)


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  • This site is great. Very supportive.

  • Thank you ..i have seen the support its awesome !!

  • Hi Debm1969 😀 welcome to this very friendly forum you have defiantly come to the right place for motivation and advice on all things relating to your lifestyle change. I started the nhs12wk plan 15wks ago but have 'rebooted' as I believe this is for life. It's not a faddy diet but changes to your existing one. Low fat, low sugar tweeks, portion control, high fibre to fill you up and exercise. I've lost over 1 1/2 stone and would never of achieved this if I hadn't joined up here. Get involved with some challenges and tell us about your triumphs and struggles. Someone is always here. Good luck. Claire x

  • Claire thank you for the motivation I need to get going .. You have done amazing well done xx

  • Thanks deb ... and you will do well too 😀

  • the effect of this diet on me healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

  • Amazing !!! Just the motivation that I need x

  • Stop dieting. Adapt a new, healthier way of eating, reduce your portion sizes, exercise more. Make this a new way of life, a permanent change, not a temporary thing just to lose weight. This is the way forward.

    Good luck xx

  • You've come to the right place! A very supportive and positive group with lots of good ideas on how to eat healthily without a lot of faddy diet nonsense! I've achieved my target very gradually over about six months, and now want to maintain it so the group has worked for me! Good luck with the 12 week plan. Some great advice in there, including more fibre and less processed sugary foods which I have focussed on. :)

  • Thank you so much for support and motivation x

  • Just be honest about what you are eating. Sometimes we can lie to ourselves about being on a diet and we end up eating more. I was thinking that I wasn't eating any sweet stuff so why wasn't I losing the weight. In fact I was eating for two. Mainly my main meal. I was putting on my plate healthy food, but there was too much of it, so I would just think that it wasn't fair that I couldn't lose weight and get fed up with trying. Once I cut down on quantity my weight started to drop. I then changed my eating habits so I am eating more protein than carbs, because I though carbs would fill me up so I wouldn't get hungry. WRONG! I found out that protein keeps you feeling full for longer. It's lovely to meet you debm and I hope you have sucess on your healthy eating.

  • hi there totally get you .. i lie to myself allvthe time bout what i have ate or am about to eat ..I have such a sweet tooth defo sugar addict . so im trying to cut that out too as i eat sugar and then crave more and more and more lol ..Im using the my fitness app to count my calories ... wish me luck x

  • Hi Deb,

    I hear you. I've tried so many diets without success and get fed up of not getting anywhere. However, I started the 12 week plan on Tuesday and am really enjoying it.

    I would like to lose five stone and after reading some peoples achievements now know that this is doable as long as I stay strong.

    This forum is definitely the place to come for you to stay motivated. People are so friendly and helpful.

    I have set myself the target of 3 pounds off by end of week one. Wish me luck!!

    Let me know how your first weigh in goes. I'm sure you will do great

  • Hi Esull i started on Friday and want to lose two stone, im an emotional eater and just shovel it in lol ..I'm really going to give it a good shot and like you am hopeful to get the support form this site . I'm sticking to 1400 calories a day and don't feel hungry or deprived so far x

  • Hi Esull how did your first week weigh in go ? x

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