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Day 8 INJURY !! treat day ? CT5K week 2 start

So went to the beach this morning with the two kids and it was lovely

Got back and hit straight to the gym

.oh forgot to meantion to I've got a swollen knee ..love my kids but Dam kids !!

Went for my week two on the CT5K and went really well tbh i run after my swollen knee so it is a bit stiff ..

Do people have treat days .. Claire you as well !! People let me no ...

Anyway .. Bran flakes breakfast .

Chicken breast and rice and corn for lunch .

Dinner ... Chicken with veg ..

Weighing tomorrow ..

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Hi Haynes2016,

I don't have 'treat days' but I do usually allow myself a few 'extras' on the weekends - I usually have a packet of crisps on Saturday and Sunday, and I also tend to have desserts on weekend evenings, whereas I don't usually do so on weekdays. I also often have a different breakfast choice or brunch on weekends.

Hope your knee gets better soon - take it easy!

Hope you've enjoyed your meals, they sound tasty.

Great that you're weighing tomorrow - and good luck!

Lowcal :-)


I have a treat everyday .... talking to all you lovely people 😀

Sorry you've got a sore knee. Was it something your kids did?!?!

Hope you had a lovely treat day on the beach .... ice cream had to be consumed 😂 or your not normal !! That's a definite treat 🌞🍦 yummy (I had a treat sized magnum today .. shhhh don't tell anyone)


I don't have treat days but build things like a bag of crisps or a bit of galaxy which I like in when I want them, within my calorie allowance.

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I try to do the same, if not necessarily every day. I don't think I'll keep to healthy eating in the long term if I have to give everything up. If you're not allowed to have it, it only makes you want it more. Or it does me anyway! :)

But I do try to keep some things for "special" so I don't always have them in the house. Like potato chips (or crisps as you say here ;) ) I only get for picnics and I try save sodas for meals out.

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Yep I try to focus on healthy foods first and most and don't have crisps and chocolates every day just an as and when thing. A treat is something like a take away but I don't have any rules about when a treat is earned. I've had a lot of birthdays to deal with in the last month so there have been celebratory treats that I shared in, without guilt! They were "special" things as you say Vicky :-)


see the thing is.. Believe or not I don't drink or smoke . Nor do I have sweets or crisps in the cupboard because I choose not to give my children that much of it .. Dont get me wrong they looovvve sugary foods lol that why I keep most of it out the house . My only down fall is my dinner . Like I said I was coming from a background of takeaways nearly every night .. So ita been hard .. But onwards and upwards .. Or downwards if your talking about weight lol


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