Home from night out

Well where do I begin

The food was good reasonably healthy

But the many faces God done for me again But only two faces tonight and resisted the one for the road so not feeling too bad

I don't feel great yet again it's been a few days now and fed up but trying to snap out of it

So I need a jump start so tomorrow I'm going to makes conserted effort and get myself going

( apart from some self pity of course )

Have a good evening from drunken bum - sorry if any typos ( will check tomorrow)

No texts to old Friends yet but it's early lol

Alastair xx


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23 Replies

  • Sounds like you had fun, worry about it tomorrow we'll, today now, just enjoy the rest of tonight, have a good nights sleep get back on board again in the morning.

    Good night sleep tight. 😀

  • Morning - I am as you say on board lol - with several symptoms of my obvious horrendous illness ( not a hang over of course) but a long walk planned and several other remedies in hand

    Thanks for the message

    Every little helps keep on track doesn't it and talking on here def helps me


  • thought you were poorly....was the booze medicinal then? lol! pleased you felt well enough to socialise it will have done you good. Have a great Sunday!

  • Lol and so true - booze was medicinal - and as I have just woken up I think the chemical mix of tablets and alcohol has had its effect - my mouth is dryer than Gandhis flip flop and head a bit fuzzy - a long walk planned

  • Ok, Sunday pledge, walk, I'm with you on that one and will expect us to confirm later that we've actually done it and not just talked about it.

    Good luck everyone. Have a great Sunday.

    We love this site don't we ❤️ it helps us all through difficult times and boy are mine coming this week.

  • I cooked dinner for kids and grand kids then walked along the beach - why do you have difficult times ahead

  • My husband has a life saving op on Wednesday, we are both scared and hope he makes it.

  • Oh bugger me really !!!! What for if you don't mind me asking and please my very best to you both

  • He had an aortic aneurysm, massive, in size so open surgery.

  • Good luck Wednesday to you all X I will be thinking of you

  • Thank you so much that really kind x

  • Wishing you and your husband the very best for wednesday, Cockneyblue. I'll be thinking of you both and sending healing vibes. xx

  • Oh dear! drink lots of water today! I'm stiff as a board this morning after all my activities yesterday but hoping to work through it, got lots to do but must make time to watch the tennis! not sure how Im going to fit it all in, but here goes...

    Enjoy your walk!

  • I did all mine - did you do yours ?

  • well done, hope you're feeling better. Yep did everything phew! Walk was a bit steady as the dogs were feeling the warmth and I'm still stiff!

  • Not feeling better but glad I walked etc - hope you de stiff soon

  • aww do you think you have a bug?

  • Yes think so but loads to do so need to be in my feet

  • get a good nights sleep, hopefully you will feel better tomorrow...

  • No sorry spent time in the pub with husband, friends been here. So not much time today. I'm pleased you did yours well done.

  • Nothing cheers me more than a sneaky tbsp of Navy rum in my coffee. Only time I add sweetener. Seems to work with a couple of painkillers! Why suffer in a world where they've both been invented?

  • Just been given a bottle of rum I will try it - have a good week

  • Yo! Ho! Ho!

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