Week 19

Week 19

This week: weight loss 0.5lb waist loss 1" 1850cal/day 131min activity/day BP 154/100

Not bad, another inch off my waist after several weeks of no movement. Another week of Brexit leaflet delivery, so 12 hours of walking this weekend already. If you haven't seen it already then please watch 'Brexit the Movie' on YouTube. Finished my Uni course this week, so some of the pressure is off. Only a few more days to Independence day, when I can relax a bit more. I'm going to start going to the gym again this week.

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4 Replies

  • Down 0.5kg this week - tried pretty consistently, despite this being my birthday weekend. Pleased to have undone last week's gain.

  • Hi F.B.

    Great that you've lost 0.5 pound this week, and also an inch from your waist. You've done some good activity minutes per day as well, and maintained your calories. Lots of walking there!

    Glad you've completed your Uni course, and good luck with the gym.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You sound well motivated, and with your Uni course behind you, hopefully a little less pressured! delivering those leaflets must be pretty exhausting, and excellent exercise...

  • It's done some strange things to my knees, they ached like crazy yesterday after a 6 hour session. But they feel stronger than ever today.

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