Bank hoilday get in there !!!!! start c25k monday

Everyone have a great weekend you must be sick of me by now hope some moor people would like to start the c25k on Monday

Once you have completed the course and are running for 30 mins it will burn of around 350 calories which is great but if you think an hour will be 700 plus which WILL help your weigh loss a hell of a lot. Also if everything goes well and you get to the weight you want burning them calories will be a great great help to stay at the weight you've worked so hard to get to.

Things for Monday

1 trainers. Unless you are Zola Bud

2 loss clothes. Lady's sports bra my partner got one this week £6 in sport shop. Men ( if there is any nipples WILL get sour cotton rubbing a bit of vasalean or plaster it sounds funny but believe he I goes hurt

3 smart phone /mp 3 player with app/podcast download for the nhs site there are other apps on iPlayer ect never used them just know the one on nhs works breathing tips strids e t

4 plan where are you going to do this think where is safe maybe a big circle you don't want to finish away away from home

5 keep to the plane you may find it very east in places and want to skip a week it's not a race it keeps it at the slow pace for a reason at the end of it you will be running for 30 mins non stop!!

6 enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!

I will know shut up and will catch up with everyone on Monday have a great bank hoilday wekender. Gareth


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35 Replies

  • I just started C25K this week has had 2 runs. Can I still join you in the challenge?

  • I'm sure you would be able to join us lekpame.

    Good luck with it too. :)

  • Hi Lekpame,

    We are posting our run experience in this thread, just wanted you to find us easily:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Wish I could join you but I am afraid my arthritic knees will not allow me to

  • Is that the severity of the arthritis/medical advice? Because people with arthritic knees do complete the NHS C25K programme successfully and keep running. Many have found that it actually helps their knees (especially combined with strengthening exercises)

    What *is* important if you have dodgy knees and take up running is being scrupulous about the warm up walk (which is included in the C25K programme) and choosing kinder surfaces than hard trails or roads or pavements, along with having good shoes and not going fast.

  • My knees have a tendency to give in and lay me unexpectedly on the floor. I exercise them by walking and Aqua aerobics but am afraid to run as they give out with no warning

  • Ah, a different problem to arthritis then maybe and definitely something to get expert advice on. I am not sure how your knees giving way is any *more* of an issue if you happen to be out running compared with out walking (but an issue nontheless) ... unless you are thinking that it is more likely.

    But if you can exercise by walking, you can almost certainly exercise by running - it only needs to be a different movement, not necessarily speed in the beginning. I decided to give running a go because sustaining a brisk walk was too painful (both at the time and afterwards) Running I find much looser.

  • Believe me I have had expert help, including operations on both knees. Walking I can pace more easily and it does not jerk my knees in the same way as running does. And yes looseness comes in to it and the looser my knees the more likely they are to give way.

    I don't know how old you are but at 69 I think I know my own body and capabilities

  • If you look on the NHS C25K forum you'll find lots of people (including older than you and with a wide variety of health challenges) who thought they knew their own bodies and capabilities and found they underestimated themselves.

    Of course, not everyone can run, or walk, or self-propel a wheelchair for exercise, but I imagine this thread was intended to be about general empowerment rather than everyone stepping up to say why they can't participate... it would be a pity if your self-knowledge about a more complex situation was misinterpreted by others to mean that arthritic knees always mean you can't run.

  • Sorry I made any comment at all. Would hate to think that my comments would put anyone else off. However, I find your comments far from helpful, in fact I find them downright rude.

  • Sorry you're not joining us Annde. But hope your week is going well. :-)

  • Good morning ! Today I am hoping to stand up after a long and disabling illness and Monday take my first step for ten Months !! So I won't be joining in c25k sorry !! But for me this is a massive achievement !! I guess what I'm saying you haven't got to feel disappointed or less a person if you can't do what fit able bodied people do !!

  • This is true... and that's a big step you'll be taking... but you don't have to be fit and able bodied to do the NHS C25K programme. I have to spend most of my life in bed, but I did it.

  • Wow, well done! In a way you'll be starting your own personal c25k on Monday. Good luck with those first steps👍

  • Hi Brynjo,

    Good luck with your first step for 10 months, I hope it goes really well for you.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Brynjo Glad to hear you are making progress and moving forward. We are all responsible for our own selves and awear of what our own bodies are capable of. I am sure that you, like me, will exercise bro our own abilities. c25k is obviously not for you but I'm sure your own efforts will be rewarded. Good luck xx

  • Hi Annde

    Thanks for the encouragement yesterday was brilliant!! Hopefully later today I will go to hydro pool !! .

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things we cannot change !

  • You are doing what you can and that is what's important. You know the saying , God helps those who help themselves. I felt quite belittled by a comment on here the other dsy, fortunately I am of a strong character and could put it by, but we need support and understanding and with that we can succeed in reaching our personal goals.

    Good luck xx

  • I'm so excited Gareth! :)

    I have to admit to having done 3 practice runs already, but I know that I shall be one of the slower people. Where I live is a bit hilly, so I've had to adapt to walking uphill and running downhill, until such time as I'm able to run on any terrain :)

    Really looking forward to monday and having the company and experiences of everyone else :)

    Thanks Gareth, this is brilliant! :)

  • You are right it is a wonderful programme-(but not for everyone). I expect you will have tempted and persuaded a few- who may not be ready to declare their interest yet:-)

    ENJOY- it is a fantastic sense of achievement when you complete the programme:-)

  • I think those calorie expenditures may be rather optimistic. I barely get to 200 running for 30 minutes. This week I did a 10k run, which took me well over an hour and a half and burned under 600 calories

    Absolutely worth doing though and really helped support the weight loss.

  • Hi GoogleMe,

    Wow, you did great doing that 10k run this week. Fantastic.

    We're reporting back on our runs today in this thread:

    I'm just making sure participants can find gareth0073 's latest thread.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Gareth,

    I also already do some running, but I am going to join in with this Challenge to enable me to focus on running outside, as currently I tend to only do it at the gym on the treadmill, and I would like to be outside in the fresh air jogging and running. I'll pin this post now, and will put a link to your previous post so that people can have the most up to date post in the Pinned Posts area. Hope that's ok.

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. Here is the link to your original Couch to 5k Post:

  • I feel so excited about this too.

    The best thing I felt for me was that I have a park just 6 min walk from my house and I really enjoy walking/running in there.

    Thank you for the link as well Zest .

  • Hi Sana786,

    We're reporting back on today's run in this thread:

    I tagged you in there, but wanted to make sure you find us ok when you're ready to share your run experience!

    Hope it went well.

    Lowcal :-)

  • 25k! i am puffed out after100yards

  • Don't worry, it's couch to 5k not 25k, I'd certainly not be up for that for quite a while ;-)

  • Hi Sara578,

    Are you joining us? The link to report back on the first run is here:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Oh, definitely 5k - I wouldn't want to do 25k, that makes me tired just thinking about that! :-)

  • Hi Whit,

    If you want to join in, then we're posting our experiences in this thread:

    I know you said you'd be puffed out after 100 yards, but you might feel inspired when you see people's contributions, and I wanted to include you with the thread link.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hi,

    count me in...though I hav started the program twice and ended giving up in a more than 3 runs done...but ya wont loose hope and give another try...desperately needed to loose weight.

  • Hi me23,

    We are posting our first run experiences in this thread, so here's the link so you can find us:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Good evening gareth0073 and everyone else who is reading this!, :) :D

    I am ready for the C25K since the loss of my old record due to mobile playing up... :@ but I still did two runs during this week each of which was just 4 and 5km.

    As I promised you I would be starting this tomorrow and will tell you how well it went.

    I will try and pull my daughter along as well (Not sure if she will though :/ ).

    have a good bank holiday weekend and will catch you tomorrow after the run.

  • Hi Sana786,

    Now I realise you're starting this tomorrow, so the link I gave you will be fine for when you're ready to report back. Didn't realise your mobile was playing up! Great that you still did 2 runs this week - fantastic start! I'll just paste the link again for you:

    Lowcal :-)

  • HI gareth0073 - have you done a new thread? I must have a look, as I was just thinking about going for my first outside run within this Challenge, and just wanted to see what you're suggesting to people... Have I missed a thread? I'll go and have a look...

    Lowcal :-)

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