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A huge slip yesterday, but I will not let it turn into a bad week

Hi All, 2 weeks ago, when I had the 'meltdown', I admitted and realized that I need to check in with you AND myself on bad days too, not only on good days. So here I am, analyzing my fall yesterday (and rise today).

I was exhausted, tired, and just had enough of BS. Yet all went well until dinner time, when I decided to have a glass of white wine. My mistake was it was in place of dinner instead of accompanying it. So I ended up majorly hungry, which led to snacking. I think at this point it would have been more beneficial just to have a toast, instead of small amounts of healthy snacks, as altogether they added up to more calories.

So yesterdays figure: 1785 calories!!!!! Shocker. But I have very carefully planned my day today, to cut some cals down and going for an extra run today to try to make this right. It will be a good lesson on Monday during the weigh in to see how this affected my efforts!

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Hi CurlyBayLeaf,

Wishing you a good few days between now and the Monday weigh-in. You've learned from your experiences this week, and you're adjusting and hopefully your plan will show success - enjoy your run!

Lowcal :-)

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