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Trying - Again

Good Afternoon all, i'm new to this online forum, I thought i would give it a go with hope that it will spur me on. I've previously lost 8 stone (atkins) quite quickly, I managed to maintain it for a while but its slowly creeping back! I balme, alcohol, and being loved up!

My aim ideally is to do it relatively slowly 2 1/2 stone this year and the same again the following year using a calorie controlled diet this time round, as in hindsight the low carb way wasn't for me for a number of reasons.

I cycle or walk to work daily appx 8 miles a day, and have been trying to fit in exerxise on my lunch breaks as I just don't really have the energy or time when i'm home.

Wish me luck, and I wish everone else here taking the weight loss step AGAIN!

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Hi and welcome trying85 :)

Have a look at the pinned posts section to the right of your screen, as it contains all the information you'll need to start your journey.

Beneath those threads, in the events section, you'll find the latest thread for our weigh-in group. Don't worry that monday has passed, you'll still be very welcome, as Zest doesn't do the stats until later in the week :)

Please feel free to join in all the group activities, as that's how you'll get to know us and the site a lot better.

Wishing you all the very best, as you start your new, healthy life :)

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Hi trying85,

This website is exactly what you need if you need a little motivation, its packed full of information, tips and just generally nice people who want to see each other succeed!

Haha bless, love does strange things to us but I'm glad to see your ready to try again. Your approach is very sensible and maintainable, I've tried some stupid diets in my time, one I seem to re-call had me eating a small portion of carrots and cabbage for dinner..... starvation is not the way to go haha :)

You should see the weight fall off as your attitude towards dieting and exercise is great!

Good luck and hope to hear some success stories soon :)


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I don't know of any weight loss that can withstand foregoing cognitive control.


You need to find a sustainable long term plan then what you lose will stay off - good luck

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