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Ready to Go....but may need a little kick now and again

Hi everyone!

I watched a motivational video on YouTube this morning and thought, maybe using a site like this may actually help me with my continuing quest to lose weight. I have the tools, the information and ability, what I am lacking is motivation! I just start things and then stop at some point.

I think I need your support and honest input to help me. Be harsh. Be honest.

My goal is to lose 6.5 stone. Not sure how long this will take and I've been trying for the past 20 years, just seems to be going up, up, up. I've grasped the basic concept, "burn more calories than you eat". Sometimes it doesn't work, long work days and getting home tired, takeaway seems an easy option and counting the calories is pointless.

Anyway, day one - I've just had an omelette with spinach. Good start! Look forward to getting to know you all and cheer you on with your own goals. Any help I could offer is yours. :)

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Hi Mr-Can-Do,

A lovely inspiring name you've chosen there! What a great start to your day with the Omelette with Spinach - I had one of those yesterday, but I also had some goat's cheese in it, which made a really delicious combination. :-)

We've got lots of helpful posts in the Pinned Posts area (right-hand-side of the homepage) so please do have a look, as it show-cases things going on in the Weight Loss NHS forum currently, and they're really good! Motivating!

Also, please do join us for the Monday group weigh-in sessions (see Events section below Pinned posts for details). I will be posting the next session tomorrow morning, just before 6.30am, but people join in at whatever time in the day and/or evening that suits them best - as we also have an Afternoon/Evening weigh-in session too.

So do join us if you like the idea of weekly weigh-ins.

Have a great week!

Lowcal :-)


Hi Mr-Can-Do. (love the name). You have come to the right place for help and support. This forum has kept me on the straight and narrow for almost 12 weeks now and I have lost about 15lbs. There is a group weigh in on a monday run by some lovely people who will probably send you a newbie link (probably Zest or maybe moreless) later when they see your post. The thing I like about this forum is that you never feel like you are on your own. If you are having a bad day then log on and read some posts, make a few replies, or post yourself and there is always plenty of chat which should hopefully motivate you and keep you going. No one says its going to be easy but with all this support at least you shouldn't feel like you are doing it alone. It sounds like you need to try and plan as much as you can. If you get home late from work and have no food ready then takeaway seems so much easier. I think that counting calories is definitely the way to go as otherwise its so easy to overestimate your portions and amount you consume in one day but you have to do what works best for you. Anyway I will stop rambling on - I have no doubt that you will get lots of replies to your post. Good luck for your weight loss journey - you can do it! :) edit - (haha I see Lowcal beat me to it!)


Thanks muffintop67. Really appreciate your comment. I'm sure I am going to find this site a huge help. I've also downloaded an app on my phone to start logging my calorie intake so I can track what I'm eating better and I have a watch to track my movement and calories burned. Lets see how these numbers work out. I am feeling optimistic.

Just wanted to say congratulations on your 15lbs loss, over a stone in 12 weeks is fantastic! Keep up the good work, lets see if I can match it ;)


Thanks a lot Mr-Can-Do. It was hard for the first few weeks but then once I saw the numbers dropping and felt the difference in how my clothes felt it spured me on. I am sure once you get into the swing of counting the calories you will find it easier and if you are like me you generally eat the same sort of things over a few weeks you soon get repeat meals that you don't need to calorie count again. I would like to lose another 7lbs but sure the last few will be harder to lose. I am sure you will match my loss or lose even more. Keep it up - best of luck :)


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