Non of us are perfect

Non of us are perfect

Well, what a shocker of a day i had yesterday. As i said my dear friend is very poorly in hospital, so i went off to visit her yesterday,  and i got up with no time to get prepared, (should have done it the night before). So it was a rushed 2 slices of toast, spread and lite cheese triangles for brekkie, i grabbed a cheese salad baguette at the hospital for lunch, and when i got back to my home town i hit MacDonalds, i just felt i had to have a big mac. That wasn't the end though. At home, my neighbour brought round two custard doughnuts, and i automatically took them without thinking, so i demolished them too, then a wagon wheel and two chocolate biscuits. I had my old head on when i used to think that if i had strayed, it was over for good. But when i got into my bed last night, feeling yuk because of all the stodge i had eaten, i thought OMG NO. So, out of bed, note pad, calorie counter, and planned for today. So i have made two sandwiches for my journey, with a banaana, an apple and a  flask of tea. Ive planned a salmon tea with lots of veggies too. So i am ready!!! 

Just been out to check on my veggies i am growing, they are all shooting nicely. These are just the ones in my little greenhouse, i have some in the garden too, but can only upload one foto at a time.  

Looking forward to munching on them.

Have a great day everyone, and dont forget, as the saying goes, "One summer, a swallow does not make", and also one binge does not a healthy eating plan destroy, haha


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6 Replies

  • :-) well said

  • Hi Rosejaytay,

    Just put it behind you - today is a fresh day, and I love the photo of your plants, they're shooting well and should be so tasty when they get to flourish.

    Wishing you a great week, and here's to success in terms of getting back on track and enjoy some healthy eating ahead.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • thank you x

  • just a blip! well done for the positive attitude! plants looking good.

  • We are allowed days like this.So love your saying never heard that before.Hope your day is going well and tour friend is doing as well as she can

  • I am sorry about your friend, but I can see how the day went due to worry and the difficulty in finding healthy food and also needing some comfort food.

    But well done on turning it all around and getting organised in advance, that is the key to success, I feel.

    All the best for your friend.

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