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Hi everyone, 

I'm Charlotte. Im 31 and I had a gorgeous baby girl 11 months ago and was doing great with losing weight up until I started back at work (desk job) in January, where I've now put back on everything I lost. 

I'm 14st 2lb as of this morning and although I do eventually need to get down to 10st (or 9st 3lb according to the doctors but I'll be more than happy at 10) I'm going to take it one stone at a time. 

I do at least 1 gym class a week but normally two and try to go for a 30-45 minute walk whenever I can.

I am a huge fan of chocolate which is a big part of the problem and also I think I'm still eating pregnancy sized portions! 🙈 

Baby belly, I'm coming to get you!!


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Hi LottyB,

Life gets in the way sometimes but you know what you need to do to lose those unwanted pounds. Planning your meals, counting calories and portion control all help.

Go get that baby belly - you know you can 😄

Mouse 🐭 

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Hey Lotty,

I'm the same! Lost 1.5 stone and then went back to work. My shifts are all over the place and I have had to stop going to my slimming world group. I know I've put some weight back on, it's so frustrating! I'm hoping once work has settled down and I get the set rota I've requested that I'll be able to get back into the swing of it. 

Don't lose hope, it's a marathon not a sprint, and it's usually full of big old mountains too! Lol. 

Keep a food diary that always helped me stay focused, but write everything down, no matter how much chocolate it is. 

We will get there, you can always message me if the Galaxy choc is shouting at you lol

Kat xx


It's hard this weight loss stuff! And my poor baby girl has been really poorly this week so I've been rubbish at eating properly. First week and I'm already eating crap! though I've only had two bars of chocolate all week rather than the 2 a day.😕still not good though. Hopefully this next week will be better. X


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