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Last night i settled into my bedroom, to watch the latest episodes of my favourite tv shows, to find that my media box had crashed, kept telling me i needed to subscribe, which i do, its only £1.08 a month to watch all movies and tv, which i don't mind paying, so i e mailed them, no answer, reset the box, nothing, un-installed and re-installed the apps, still nothing. An hour later i gave up, and felt so stressed. Now this is when i would usually go to the cupboard for chocolate biscuits or crisps, but i had eaten my calories for the day. And so, i was brave enough, and strong enough, not to. I played sudoku on my tablet instead and before long the temptation had gone away. When i woke this morning it made me feel really good that i had resisted temptation. I think it really is finding something that you like to do to take your mind off the stress. Sun s shining in cheshire, had breakfast on my patio, and now i am raring for the day ahead. Good luck everyone, have a great day xx


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6 Replies

  • Hi Rosey,

    Glad you enjoyed doing the Sudoko puzzles and that you coped ok with last night's stress - a great outcome that you didn't resort to eating, really good!  Glad you're feeling good today!  Raring for the day ahead.  Enjoy it.

    Lowcal :-)

  • thanks a lot, you too 😊

  • That's a super win and probably means you didn't end up feeling fed up with yourself this morning too. So enjoy the sunshine, enjoy your sudoko and I hope you get your media box sorted out quickly x

  • thanks 😁

  • Well done you 😊 I am useless with technology 😞 So double well done, no unplanned eating and no hammer to the media box!! Yay 😊

  • doesn't mean I didn't think about the hammer 😵 today has been another good day, got two of my little grandsons staying over, been playing with them on the garden, so worn out, but burnt some calories too. Be good 😃

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