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Don't ya just!!!

Ont you just love it when your clothes start to fill lose!😊

My uniforms are no longer busting at the seams ......however when your out walking the dog and you realise that your trousers are falling down in front of a complete stranger ....all you can think about is how can I pull them up without him noticing 🐶 👖 🚶 😊

Hope everyone is having a good week .....

My gallstones are behaving the.selves and I have managed proper food this week mostly chicken based dishes ...especially enjoyed a nice stirfry yesterday ,I continue to have my daily bowl of porridge oats so hopefully next month my cholesterol will be back to normal .

see you all Monday for the weigh in ...😃

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thats great, cant wait for my trousers to fall down haha and glad your health is improving, thats what my plan is all about. Have a great day and weekend x


Hi Modge,

Glad you're gallstones are not causing you any problems currently - and that you've enjoyed your meals this week.  I love stir-fries too - really tasty!  

Good luck with your cholesterol levels next week, and hope you are enjoying the porridge.  I really like porridge.  Yummy!

Have a great week, and good luck for Monday's weigh-in.

Lowcal :-)

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What a brilliant problem lol! Definitely time for new trousers...or at least a belt! See you at Monday weigh-in 😉


Well done you 😊 Think you are needing a couple of pleats taking in your trousers! That or braces 😊


Ha ha 😀😀😀 my work trousers got so loose had to go from no belt to 1st hole, 2nd hole, 3rd, 4th now I have new trousers ....... saves any embarrassing moments in front of customers 😂 lol x


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