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So I started using myfitnesspal and NHS plan 6 months ago, and have slowly lost a stone which I was really pleased with. But over the last 6 weeks my weight has stayed the same no matter what I do, and it's really getting me down now. I've tried increasing my calories, decreasing my calories, varying my diet, nothing works. I've heard of weight loss plateaus but this is ridiculous. I'm on a 1500 cal limit on myfitnesspal and count calories accurately. Help!!! 

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Well done on the  1st weight loss. I can see how this is frustrating for you. What about increasing exercise or cutting down on bread and other carbs. I am no expert on this but I have found not eating bread has made a big difference for me and I'm trying to drink more water.  Keep going and don't give up 


Yes I stopped eating bread and I have lots of veg and fruit, wholewheat rice and pasta, drink water etc. Just not sure where to go next lol! 


Not sure how much more you need to lose, but losing a stone is great work! As you lose weight your metabolic rate becomes lower  ( your BMR)  and a lower BMR  requires less calories. You may need to review your calorie needs , myfitnesspal can recalculate this for you. 

For example, two years ago I was 30 lbs  overweight. It took me about 8 months to lose  20lbs on 1400cals, then I had to drop down to 1250/ 1300 cals to shift the final 10lbs.  I also cut right down on carbs for the final bit.  

 Once you reach target  ( and you will ) it is important to only add a few calories a week until you find your safe maintenance level. Ive been maintaining now for a year. You can do it too ! 


Thanks for that, I'll try reducing the cals a bit more and see what happens, do tend to get stuck for meal ideas when I reduce the carbs too much so I'll research some more too I think! 

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