Back to it!!

I am back to it today after hurting my back and really struggling with my eating, I think I decided to eat my way through my pain and put an additional 4lbs on over my starting weight!  So I downloaded and started the 12 week plan again and have lost 7lbs in a week so feeling like its all do-able again and that by making small adjustments to my lifestyle it will all slot into place a section at time, I have battled many things but see when it comes to weight....I truly struggle!!!  I think the sciatica is because of my weight and my weight is enhanced by the sciatica...time to jump out the vicious circle and get back on track! 


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8 Replies

  • 7 lbs in a week is fantastic! You can definitely lose weight with your determination!

    Good luck on your journey!

  • Thank you :) 

  • its hard to eat right when you are ill. Good luck and so well done for that great weight loss x

  • Thank you :) 

  • I've been there, got the t shirt 😕 (Not sciatica but arthritis) losing weight definitely helping, and am slowly building up exercise. But trying not to do too much or I pay for it the next day 😕 Good luck! Onwards and downwards

  • Thank you,onwards and downwards for sure :) 

  • I suffer from sciatica too ,and being overweight doesn't help. I found some stretching exercises on the website so try to do them regularly , especially when at the gym . I also find some things aggravate it so asked my gym coach for different exercises that would help it ,I try not to take painkillers as it masks the pain .Not sure if you go to gym but you can try the stretches .Well done for 7lbs off by the way what a boost.

  • Thanks, I'm still in a fair bit of pain and goes right down my leg too! Sick of it so any tips appreciated. The weight doesn't help for sure and I've a long way to go but hoping it will help in many ways to make me feel better! Thanks for reply 👍🏻

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