Braved the weather....went "Letterboxing" over the hills

Dartmoor is well known for its "hidden treasure" for people to go find; little boxes with a rubber stamp in, and you have a book to collect the impressions from these stamps in.  We have also done the more high-tech geo-caching where you log your finds online, but the more traditional "letterboxing" is new to us.  We had to wait for the hail storms, thunder and snow to pass over, and eventually (having left the dogs in the warm) set out wrapped up to the nines, I-phone in hand to find some local hides.  The weather gradually lifted and the sun came through, and we thoroughly enjoyed our climb up and over the hills behind us, successfully finding 6 hides and their stamps (which had been hidden by a local church to raise funds for charity) before we ran out of time.  Total moving distance was 2 1/2 miles in one hours moving time, taking in two steep hill climbs which made me puff, so must have been doing some good!  We have several more to find on other occasions so that is my exercise sorted for the summer!


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5 Replies

  • that sounds lovely, exercise and a fantastic time too, can't be bad, 

  • Sounds lovely 😀 we've been letterbox hunting with the little ones a few times, great fun! Glad you missed the hail as it came down quite hard a few times today didn't it? Excellent way to keep fit x

  • Good for you DD, that's something I've talked about doing, but never got around to doing. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  • What a great idea 😊 Sounds like a lovely afternoon 😊

  • That's great 😊 We haven't been for ages as the kids are getting older. Really miss it as you don't realise how far you walk.

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