Hanging on in there!

I have had two colds and had to stop exercising for obvious reasons but kept to the principles of fat free, sugar free (well, almost) eating.

I imagined I felt sort of thinner so when I had a bad day I went and weighed myself at the doctor's to cheer myself up, only to find I had only lost 1.1kg in three weeks.

I am about to have a closer look at my food diary and exercise diary to see what went awry; probably not exercising while unwell, (or possibly got a bit stronger building up muscles doing duvet Pilates?) (unlikely). Admittedly the belt has not got a lot tighter  though.

At least it's down and not up. I shall run for a little longer from now on,  any-way.


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8 Replies

  • I'm not good with metric, but think that's about 2.5 lbs, AND it's a loss 😃

    Don't beat yourself up, most of us are happy with any loss, but I agree that if you want to lose it faster then it does help to keep an accurate food and drink calorie count and possibly up your exercise. When we're feeling poorly then calorie counting does go out the window.

    Hope you feel much better now 😃😃 

    Mouse 🐭

  • thanks, yes.

  • Calories are way more important than exersise you need to run a marathon to lose a pound of fat, much easier to do it with calorie control 😅

  • Maybe try following the nhs 12 step programme and track your calories using an ap like myfitnesspal?   The fact you have lost some weight is good.  Keep going and set yourself small but achievable targets.

  • Like the others have said, it's down :)  Reducing fat and removing sugar is a totally healthy way to be and something we should all aim for permanently, a life choice.  Except on high days and holidays ;)

  • That's about average for me, and with everything else I say that's a good loss!! 😊

  • Thanks for all your replies! According to the calorie counting thing I had well under the recommended number. According to my food diary I have had a packet of maltesers, a feast chocolate ice cream, lots of Pizza Hut salads, loads of fromage frais, cakes, honey, basically something silly every day just because the calorie counter made me feel complacent grrrr........ any-way managed a 45 minute run just now and am feeling happier and fitter. I have to get my cholesterol down as well so it's not just about burning calories anyway.

    I think personal experience is the best guide, I remember when I was 25 and doing a lot of sports I could lose half a stone in a week by not having sugar in my coffees and teas. Admittedly other people don't find it's the case with themselves.

    I must just have a thing going on with sugar, in my humble opinion. I used to get cravings for it and get up when bored, turn half a packet of granular into fudge and eat the lot before it was even cold yet. I got very creative with the flavourings. Not many people consider that a good idea. Personal!

  • Hi Bongo4 ,

    I bet you took some over the counter cold remedies.  They are famous for putting on weight at the scales, till they are right out of your system. So might not have been you, but rather them.  Also as you say, a lot of duvet and no exercise (which is right - your body needs to recover) plus the odd little treat to maintain morale and keep boredom at bay.  The only remedy I have ever found for this one, was to use the ad breaks on the TV to do something like take a load of washing back upstairs, wash up, dust etc.  Makes the house look better and means I can point to what I have achieved!  I need as much encouragement in that direction as I can get!  

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