Some cake to go with our coffee on the submarine

Some cake to go with our coffee on the submarine

I HAD to bake to day, I just couldn't help it.

But I think we have all been doing extremely well and even if you think you haven't I'm sure you'll get back on track soon!

I've made a marbled chocolate/vanilla bundt cake to serve with the coffees George is providing on the submarine ;)

moreless, I hope you'll have a slice - a tiny slice (I had one or two, just comes in at about 150 kcal) - I think we all have space for those few, yet delicious calories! :)


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26 Replies

  • Looks lovely 😊 A small treat niw and again is important 😊 Enjoy

  • Thank you, I will. At least I managed to just dust it with sugar rather than smothering it in chocolate ganache ;)

  • Oh lordy, lordy Foodie, what are you doing to me?? I don't think anything less than a hunk would suffice!! ;)


  • haha, help yourself :D

  • That's a very dangerous invite! ;)

  • Always happy to share cake, as long as it's not the last slice :D

  • A bit like the last Rolo! :D

  • You can have the last Rolo - I'm not a fan... ;)

  • Lucky you, I still waiting to find something edible that I'm not a fan of! :o

  • Haha! Food's just too nice, eh... 

    Keep trying stuff until you find something ;)

  • I've done that, that's how I ended up here! :o

  • Haha, right, there was something there... ;)

  • Me too lol !

  • I'm glad it's not just me Scottsmum! :)

  • Can't we just cut it into three pieces lol :D Looks so yummy :)

  • That sounds perfect! :D

  • Funny you should say that, it currently is in three pieces. One for my partner to take to work tomorrow. 2 to stay here but avoid having to uncover it all the time - wouldn't want it to dry out, would we. 😉🍰

  • That looks fabulous and bet it tastes wonderful. where did you get he recipe from???

  • Old German recipe to go into my old German bundt tin ;)

    I can translate and post it up for you if you like...

  • Thank you so much but only if you have time as don't want to give you too much to do. A very kind offer 

  • Not a problem. 😊

  • No pressure trying to make a cake like you do!!!!it'll be a good challenge 

  • Mmmm that looks yummy

  • What a pretty cake, you can reduce cals by adding yoghurt to cake, just halve the fat, given temptation is a big thing, cool, slice and freeze, surely that's easier?

    If you don't get to eat it all whilst warm

  • Sorry Diana, will have to disagree with you on this one. I don't think the calorie content is particularly high and there's no point in making a traditional cake if you ruin it by trying to make it healthy - it's what comfort food is about... :-)

    This cake shall not be changed ;-) (still a third or so left, had a slice yesterday and it's still juicy and nice)

  • Totally up to you!     Mind you are use rice flour fir cake baking

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