Finally I am here!

Hi , finally I have decided to do something about it. 12 weeks right now sounds perfect as I have planned my summer holidays, exactly in 12 weeks time!

Anyway, I feel it is difficult for me as I have not lost weight for the last  couple of years and I feel it is going to be really difficult , especially starting...

Any tips? Anyone new too? Any ideas to not be tempted in the next couple of days...?


Olivia A


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12 Replies

  • Hi Olivia,  make the decision to start right now....; 

    Go to the kitchen and remove all cakes & pastries (put them in the freezer) biscuits (put them up high where you can't easily reach them), crisps - donate them to the neighbours! 

    Sign up to an online calorie diary like Myfitnesspal or Nutracheck (free for first week) and from tomorrow morning, log everything that you eat or drink - stop when you get to 1400 or 1500 cals.  Portion control is the secret - weigh your food before eating it. Emergency snacks to include fruit teas, Ryvitas, fromage frais or low cal jelly pots, fresh fruit and cup-a-soups etc.

    Promise yourself you will get more active, even if it is just some energetic hoovering or walking the dog or going on a bike ride, just that little bit further.

    Continue along these lines for one day at a time - and you will surprise yourself!  Good luck!

  • I've found that the first few days are the hardest as the desire to eat (for me chocolate) was so strong, but once you're past this initial phase, it will get easier honest.

    Fresh fruit is great because it's really filling with lots of fibre.

  • Chocolate is my weakness too! How did you do it?! 

  • I have found that it's proper cold turkey for a few days, but then the craving really does ease off.  Now I have discovered, that if I have a bit one day, that's fine, but if have a bit two days in a row, the cravings come back.  So I now have a rule of no more than on day at a time (which is something that I'm going to stick with long-term), although I've barely had any recently and won't until I reach my target weight.  I do sometimes have nutella on my porridge in the morning.  I really enjoy that, and it doesn't make me crave more.  The initial few days are by far the toughest.  Good luck!

  • Thank you. Think I need to go cold turkey. I'm too determined to mess this up for a square of chocolate. Thinking of the end goal me in a  bikini on holiday! 

  • I also have a nice top that I look at.  Can fit into it now, but I still need to lose a bit.  It was at the back of the cupboard for several years, I got it out, washed it to freshen it up and it now lives on the side in the bedroom and I pick it up and admire it from time to time, it's a good motivator for me.  Bikini holiday sounds like a nice goal, if you don't have the bikini already, maybe get some catalogues of things that you like, put them on the side next to your bed and look at them if you feel a choc urge.  Also, the 12 week plan in my face (it's printed out and on the fridge, so is very in my face) is a good reminder of what I have achieved and what I will achieve.

    Good luck, I know what it feels like - but you can do it!!

  • Thank you so much for your support. Think I'm going to try last years bikini on that will motivate me and stop me reaching for the chocolate. 

  • I did it! Definitely motivation to step away from the chocolate!

  • Cool, good luck! :-D

  • Hi It may be difficult but if you say it is only for 12 weeks - in the scheme of life that is not long I guess.  I find the first week is the hardest but once you get into the swing of it I am sure you will do fine. Stick to the plan and the 12 weeks will be over in no time and you will be slimmer, fitter and healthier all ready for your summer hols :)

  • Thanks, Muffin! :) it's true, 12 weeks is achievable . I 'll try my best to stick to week 1. I bought a summer dress that is giving me the strength to keep me on track.  Comments and ideas here are precious!!! So thanks also to all trying so hard. In July we could celebrate in the beach! 👙🏊🌅 can we do it? Yes , we can! Have a happy, healthy eating Sunday. 😊🍎🍏🍊🍋🍒

  • You too and I love all the little pictures. I don't seem to be able to do get them :(

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