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New here!

Hello everyone I'm a young college student and I am new here and just joined today because I've decided that I need to do something about my weight. I guess I'm not the biggest but it's making me really unhappy that I have to deal with this extra meat ha ha. 

Summer is coming and I'm pretty sure ladies we all want to look good in our bikinis :)). I will be starting my 12 week loosing weight plan so if anyone in general has any tips for exercise or diets anything don't be afraid to message me! 

Support and motivation is the key people guys!x

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Hello and welcome!  Look for the thread on the right under Pinned Posts, called Welcome Newbies, it has tons of hints and tips that will help you get going.  There are also some interesting posts from successful dieters in there as well.

I think exercise-wise, just do what you are able to do and what you enjoy.  I like to mix it up as I like variety, but some people just concentrate on one that suits them the most. 

Above all, enjoy the journey, make nice food and have fun doing your exercise, joining in the challenges here on the forum is also very motivational. Oh and ask if there is anything you need to know. :)

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