Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge - Weekend Number One

Say Yes to the Dress/Jeans/Top/Trousers etc Challenge - Weekend Number One

Good evening ladies & gentlemen.

Ok, so it is weekend one of the challenge - have you all found your item of clothing?

The rather unattractive picture shows the massive gape in the dress I am trying to squeeze into! It isn't actually the dress I ultimately want to get into but I am using it as a guide before I spend any money on The Dress! The wobbly tape measure gives you an idea of just how many inches I need to lose! By the way, I don't usually wear a thermal vest under a ballgown I just wanted to save you all from seeing my pastie white skin 😜

By way of a quick reminder here is - THE IDEA - find a piece of clothing that is too small and start working on getting into it - that is the challenge as simple as that! It can be something new or something you already have. If it is something with a zip or buttons then you may be able to measure the gape and update as it gets smaller :)

BUT - even if you don't have a piece of clothing you are trying to get into you could just measure your waist, hips etc and aim to reduce it by an inch or two. That way you can still join in.

The challenge will be running until October and I will do an update post every 2 weeks so people can share their progress. Feel free to check in at anytime though on the current thread which hopefully  @Lowcal (for some reason I can tag you @Lowcal) will pin for me 😊

Over 60 people have joined the challenge, so thank you all! I am sure we can all be a great support for each other as we work off those inches


If you want to check out the original post, here is the link -

I have been experimenting (without much success) with trying to post photos within the thread. The wonderful Zest & moreless have been helping me too.

So, please try to view the link. If you have a Google account you might be able to see it and therefore post your own pics. I will be interested to hear if people can see the photo as you may find it quite interesting -

If you haven't already done so please share the item you wish to slim into.

Newbies are always welcome to join 😊

Good luck everyone!


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90 Replies

  • I'm so pleased to have caught your thread before going off on my hols Sueper! :)

    I had to laugh, because the gape in my dress is practically the same as yours, although I think yours is 6", whereas mine is 7"!! :D Unfortunately, as you know, I can't post picture proof here :)

    I did get all excited, as I tried on a pair of size 18 evening trousers to take away with me and they fit! I was hoping to be able to take the dress too, but not without a thermal vest to cover the rolls!! ;) I've banished the pastiness with fake tan! :)

    I LOVE this challenge! Thanks Sueper, it's really got me fired up! :)

  • It's a pretty scary photo isn't it but we will get there!

    Well done on the size 18 trousers 😊

    Where are you going on holiday? I bet you will enjoy it much more now you have lost weight, I certainly did!

  • Have a fab holiday :)

  • The gape in the jeans I want to get back into is 6"!!! I do have a photo of the jeans stuck on my thighs but even if photos were working I wouldn't dream of scaring you all with it lol!

    I can't wait to see those inches creeping downwards, how thrilling to seeing the goal moving closer. Loving it lol! X

  • Pictures speak a thousand words don't they - don't blame you not sharing but it will be a great point of reference for you.

  • Evening sueper 😊

    Great thread ! My target long term is to fit back into my wedding dress for my silver wedding next year, 😊 But short term I hope to be in a size 14 for my birthday in May 😊 I am currently wearing size 14 trousers but my top is 16-18 depending upon the make 😕 

    My main aim, however, is to reduce the size of my waist, I am 17 cm down (almost 7 inches) but need another 10 to get to 'healthy' 😊 

    Good luck to us all! 😊

  • A nice set of targets Anna. A lovely aim to get back into your wedding dress for your anniversary 😊

  • I have just had an "official" measure of the gap in my skirt, and it's 6 inches.

    Having said that, I got out a dress for a baby shower on Saturday and it actually fit!  The last time I tried it on it was too tight to even get up so I was ecstatic over not only being able to get into it, but zip it up as well.  Gives me the bump up I need to think I will get into that skirt eventually. :-)

  • Well done Vicky on getting into your dress & good luck for the skirt 😊

  • Thank you for this challenge. ..think I will join you.  I would love to get back into most of the clothes in my wardrobe!!!! None fit anymore :( really want to get back into the jeans. ..tried a pair and couldn't actually get em up!!but won't take a photo of that. ..not a good sight. Could focus on getting the 40"waist sorted, so I will feedback on the progress in 2 weeks.  I suppose I will have to cut back on the wine!

  • Good luck on getting the 40" waist sorted 😊

  • Join me up. I will go and look for an item of clothing tomorrow.

  • Good to have you join us Aqua 😊

  • Well it's day 1 for me. I am going to take a photo of the gap in my trousers - but no way will I be showing it to anyone until I can fasten them up! Thanks for this challenge.

  • Good luck Dolce :)

  • I have just joined HealthUnlocked, is it to late to join. I can't fasten my favourite jacket.

  • Of course you can join us jj45uk - good luck 😊

  • hi the gap in my trousers is 5"looking forward to them fitting for autumn, will be great to go shopping for a new pair but I've also resolved to manage with clothes i have until I fit  a smaller size, incentive have to put the effort in or go naked(not a good look)

  • Good luck Prawncess :)

  • 5 inches for my dress , and I've bought a weighted hula hoop! 

  • Good luck Mollydex & enjoy the hula hooping :)

  • I will be happy if I get back into my summer dresses I was wearing last year before the summer is over. I have gained 12 lb since I had an op in September last year and it will take me at least 3 months to lose it. Trouble is, I haven't got started, too many pub lunches and not enough exercise. Now I have started going on long hikes again, can manage 10 miles, so next step is to get back on my bike without falling off! And proper food in smaller portions. That's the hard part!

  • Welcome Elizahanna & good luck getting back into your summer dresses 😊

    Hope you have fully recovered from your op now - 10 miles is pretty impressive so it looks like you doing well!

  • Thanks Sueper! Those few words are very motivating!

  • Thank you for the challenge! I've just measured the gap on my jeans and it's 9 inches! These are the self same jeans I was wearing last June zipped up and comfortable to wear. What an eye opener! Need to lose at least two stones if not more before the end of June for my jollies. This has given me the motivation I need thank you 

  • Good luck Dawn - 9 inches is a lot but I am sure you will do it 😊

  • Thank you I'm gonna need it lol. I can't believe I've put on so much weight since last June. I've always been a yo yo dieter. ..lose a stone put three on.  Need to tackle this once and for all 😠

  • You are not alone Dawn, I lost 3 stone and put on 8! That was about 15 years ago. I think it is all about long term lifestyle change, I'm trying :)

  • Good to hear this challenge has given you the motivation you need!

    Good luck you can do this.

  • I already have a pair of trousers as my challenge but now I have another one - and it might be a step too far...

    I have just received a beautiful 'going out' dress in the post - I ordered a size 14 - fine on the bottom - but oh dear - the top.....:(( At least a 4 inch gap to do it up over my bust - where I don't normally lose that many inches. 

    Is this a challenge too far? Should I buy a new and quite expensive dress which doesn't actually fit me at the moment? It is lovely and would look fabulous if I could do it up. Don't want to get the next size up - it would be too big on the bottom.


    Sue x

  • Oh dear Sue what a dilemma - I know what you mean about getting the next size up. I am pretty determined not to get a size bigger if I think I'll eventually squeeze into the smaller size.

    Have you checked out the reviews for the dress? It could be poor design or you may have got one with weird sizing - it does happen. I'd see if this could be the problem before committing either way.

    Good luck with the first goal of getting in the trousers 😊

  • Yes good idea - I will check out what others say. I will try it on again tomorrow and see how I feel - I have a few days before I have to commit.

  • So far i have bought two leather skirts and a pari of palazzo trousers in size 14 - the simply do not fit - so back they go!!!   Leather skirt by October please:-)

  • Good luck with the leather skirt 😊

  • two leather skirts screams fetish

  • :-)   As i am now in my 50s- Just revising my look 

  • I've got a pair of jeans that last fit me in about 1991. I can get them half way up my thighs...

    I'm not even really sure why I kept them as I wouldn't wear them. High waist stonewash Levi 901s ... are they 'vintage' yet, or just painfully out of date :)

  • Hi Radioactive & welcome to the challenge. Even if the jeans are out of date they will be a good measure. Good luck :)

  • They are definitely vintage - sound lovely :)

  • Here is my challenge, a pair of khaki jeans, waist 32 ins, 5 buttons to the waist. Currently, I can only button up, 2 comfortably. My aim is to button it all the way to the top. My waist is 37 ins, my gap is 5 ins.

    I'll be wearing these jeans now that the weather is changing and want them to fit much better. My reward in meeting the challenge is to buy a long sleeve V neck T shirts that goes well this jean. I'm looking for to looking HOOT again.

    Finally, I've taken a picture of jean with the gap of 5 ins. Not for public viewing but in two weeks, I take another picture to see how I'm doing.

    Good luck, everyone.

  • Good luck hhphillips - I like the idea of rewarding yourself once the gap disappears :)

  • I love the idea of buying a top to compliment the jeans when you reach your goal. A double whammy on the incentive stakes. :-)

  • My jeans have a similar gap and as well look dreadful on my thighs - thank goodness they have some stretch. I will wear them eventually !

    When I move down into the next stone bracket I'm hoping that a dress bought before Christmas will fit. It's just very tight across my boobs and gapes where the buttons are. Not a good look, so at the moment it's never been worn like my jeans.

  • Good luck Sandiesob, definitely worth checking the dress again as sometimes just a few lbs make all the difference :)

  • Hi Sue,

    Loving that thermal vest :D :D

    Right now I'm size 20. By November, I want to treat myself to a size 14/16 dress, get a babysitter (Moreless are you free?) and go out to dinner with my hubby. 

    What's underneath the dress is also important. I don't want to wear spandex, those waist pinchers and 'bodies' to suck in your fat. I want silky bras that fit perfectly with no rolls of fat trying to hide under my armpits :D :D So along with a posh frock, I am treating myself to a Rigby and Peller lingerie set.

    Now I did measure myself last week and put the shameful inches on my profile. They have since disappeared. I'll do them again and record them in my diary. 

    Good luck to you and everyone else on this challenge. 

    :) :) :)

  • Good luck FizzyLiz! I agree about the nice underwear - I am guessing this is for a special occasion 😊

    I wish my rolls of fat would try harder to hide! 😄

    I have measured the thermal vest area so I can keep an eye on it! By the way - the vest is about 20 years old and still fits! Go me lol!

  • I don't have a specific item of clothing but want to drop 2 dress sizes.  From looking at size charts this seems to mean losing about 5 inches from my waist.  Not sure how much this is in weight (probably around 2 stone from previous experience) so going to take a while!

  • Good luck Natz994 😊 My waist is slow to reduce but if you have done this before I am sure you know what you need to do.

  • Hi it ok to join your challenge? I've only just joined.  I'm going to the christening of my cousin's baby at the end of May and have a dress that I've only worn once which now is way too tight on the waist and bust.  It fit me just over a year ago when I wore it to a wedding; I'm gutted that I've put on weight and can't get it on.  I don't know how many inches the gap is but I reckon about 2-3.

  • Of course you can join & good luck Shaznav :)

  • Hi Sue,

    As you know, I looked through my wardrobe and I did a clear out of all the old clothes that no longer fit - my size 18's and many of my size 16's, and I have some size 14's that I'm enjoying wearing now.  I can't bear to get rid of some of my jeans, so I'm ending up going around in baggy jeans in my leisure time...!  I must do something about that as I don't think it looks great to be wearing baggy stuff.

    I know that I won't get any smaller than a size 14, as I was a size 16 when I was in my 20's, back in the 1980's, and I am surprised that I am a size 14 now (but I suspect clothes sizes have changed since the 1980's, which is why I am able to fit size 14 now).

    When I lose my remaining 4.2 pounds, I will treat myself to a new dress - so I will be keeping a look out for something nice and hope to be able to purchase and wear it by the summer.  So that is my goal.  To lose 4.2 pounds to make it to my goal weight of 12 stone 7 pounds.  It's taken me a long time to get into the 12's, and I'm currently 12 stone 11.8 pounds (that was my weight on Monday 11th April 2016).  

    I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts today, and would like to wish everyone luck with their challenges.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    You are right about wearing baggy clothes - don't think it is good to hide your new figure!

    It sounds like you are comfortably in the 12s now & I know how hard you have worked to get there!

    I am sure you will enjoy shopping for a new dress when you hit your target weight :)

  • This is a great challenge Sueper. I'm kind of at goal now - but I thought I'd share things I'd like to makes sure stay fit into-able:

    my long black boots

    tights - I love being able to put on nice coloured/patterned tights without laddering them everytime I try to pull them up over my thighs

    two particular embroidered shirts that I absolutely love and that don't strain on my upper arms anymore

    my jeans - fitting comfortably enough that I can sit down in them without having to undo the top button. 

    Good luck with the challenge everyone! :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for sharing your successes with the group - we are all aspiring to be where you are right now.

    How are you finding the maintaining?

  • Thanks Sueper. I hope it was an okay way to interpret the challenge. One of the challenges I'm finding in maintaining is believing I've got here. I'm still trying to shake off the feeling that I'm someone who needs to lose weight still. I think remembering how clothes used to strain and not do up will really help me shake that feeling off. I hope you get into your dress. It's a great idea to have clothes as goals 😊

  • No problem at all Ruth, I am sure people will be inspired by you :)

    I am sure it is hard to change your mindset, even where I am I can't believe how much smaller my clothes are!

  • As soon as I locate my little black dress I will post a pic, I think it could be packed away in the attic along with my other too small clothes but I am guessing it will probably have a 6 inch gap too assuming I can even get it over my hips, lol 

  • Good luck Elacol68 :)

  • I have had a little play with some of my wardrobe items this weekend and ordered more size 14 clothes from m and s.  Hmmmm epic fail.  All size 14 s did not fit - some by 6 inches others an inch. i also ordered an experimental 16 - way too much fabric.  so they have all gone back...

    Looks like i need to lose 6 inches- to fit into my fav unworn still with labels on trousers....

  • Hi Suzy,

    Hope you aren't too disappointed. I often find M & S sizing pretty small so blame them ;)

    Keep working on those trousers, I am sure you will get there!

  • Have just seen this thread today, so hope am not too late to join in.  What a good idea as losing inches is so motivating.  My aim is to get comfortably into the clothes I was wearing last year, so need to lose a stone and the inches that have crept on

  • It's never too late yo join in :) Good luck!

  • Well I have managed to get into my dress at last. I can zip it up all the way at the back. However this only works if I hold my breath and do not move about.  I also don't think I would be able to eat while wearing it at the moment.  So although I was happy to actually get it zipped up I obviously still have some way to go. I think the last time I wore this dress I was 10 stone 3 so that means still another 10 lbs to lose. Onwards and downwards :)

  • That's great, at least you fitted already in, the other inches come along and the pounds will be dropping before you believe it really.... good luck!

  • Great progress muffintop - well done :)

  • Oh dear, I started slimming and eating then again ;-( , but worse than this was actually I tried my dress on, my Dad said 9cm are missing, my Mum 6cm are missing, and I tried to con vince them that only 4cms are missing.... ;-) I must be conning myself very much, what a big back is there to hinder me zipping the dress, oooops :-)

  • Oh dear, sounds like you need a tape measure and a camera ;) Try again in a fortnight and maybe those cms will start going down :)

  • Hello!

    I'm a bit late joining the party.  But join it I will! I've ordered a dress so I'll add a photo when it arrives. Gap photos might be tricky as I live on my own, so I will probably share measurements instead but I will try it on each week and let you know how I'm getting on : )

  • Good luck Garfield - I needed help with the photo so you may need to find a spare pair of hands :)

  • This is great. I have a dress thsy I've put so much weight on that I can't get into any more that I'd love to get back into. Do I just post a picture? Or? Help I'm new and so confused! 

  • Hi Gem21, it seems posting a picture on an existing thread doesn't really work. But you may want to take a picture for your own reference and take one every so often to see how you progress. I have also measure around my body where the gap is and recorded it so I can keep measuring to see if it goes down - I'll probably try the dress once a month.

    Good luck :)

  • do we just post the results here or? I can't wait to see the results!

  • I'll be doing a post every other weekend so you can update there. The most recent post should be pinned on the right side of the screen.

    But if you want to share your results at any time just do it on the most recent thread - can't wait to see everyone's results :)

  • Please can I join in? Im determined to get back into the bikinis I wore on holiday last year. I will not but bigger ones for this years holiday!

  • Of course you can join :) Good luck Determinedchick22!

  • Thank you. I tried my bikini on this morning definitely some work to do before I will work wear it in public! Aim of one stone off before my holiday. 

  • Hi Sue, I signed up to a Google account, but your link doesn't seem to be working. I was wondering if you could re-post it, please? :)

    Will you be posting an update thread soon? :)

  • I'll take a look tonight. Not sure if anyone has managed to look at it - it's quite interesting.

    I am going to do one at the weekend - 3 weeks from the first post to give some time for people to see some changes :) Fingers crossed I am one of them :)

  • That's great! :)

    My son tried to set up some kind of folder that everyone could use, but it can't be done without losing our anonymity, which I think would make people too shy.

    I actually managed to do the zip up on my dress (don't ask me how!). I couldn't move, or even breathe and my boobs seemed to get spread all over my chest! Still, it's an improvement! :D

    Did you notice we've got our smileys back? WOOHOO! :) :) :)

  • :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D ;) ;) ;) ;) - that's better.

    Well done for getting in the dress! Just a few more weeks and it might fit perfectly :)

    My tape measure is being nice to me, not so sure the dress will agree :D

    Here is the link again for you to try - if it doesn't work I'll post it with the next update.

    Such a shame we can't post photos in a thread :(

  • Thanks Sue, I hope so. If I don't fit into it soon, I'll be in the wrong season for it :o

    Have you not tried the dress to find out?

    I'm just going to try the link again and see what happens, I shall let you know :)

    Maybe we should all put a request in the suggestions box. It would definitely improve the site for us! :)

    Update: tried the link and get this

    404. That’s an error.

    The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

  • Damn :(

    I wonder if it because the link is so long as it spills out over the box? There is no way to reduce it as I've tried.

    I think we should definitely request it :)

  • Don't ask me any technical questions! :o

    I'm off to put in a request.........if I can find where to do it! :D

  • I've sent one too - let's see what happens :)

  • Fingers crossed! :)

  • I also want to wear my current trousers and jeans without the discomfort I currently experience!

  • Good luck - I am sure the swimming will help :)

  • Thank you. The constant feeling of them digging in reminds me I can't afford to have that chocolate treat I may fancy! 

  • I am sorry I missed this post, but glad there will be an update this weekend.  I measured my (size 14) jacket that I want to be able to fit into and there was a horrifying 5" gap, but I am sure that was about a month ago, so will try again on Sunday.

  • Good luck for Sunday :)

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